Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Product Review: LL Bean Comfort Knit Jean Crop Pants

LL Bean Picture
When it comes to fashion, I love being comfortable.  I think we all do.  It's the reason why we have a favorite sweater or shirt or sweatpants, right?  I found something that is stylish, yet absurdly comfortable.

LL Bean's Comfort Knit Jean Crop Pants (click for the link)

I know that LL Bean isn't a very rockabilly brand, but I tend to find some of the best basics at non-rockabilly stores.  Let me describe myself when it comes to pants.   I hate shopping for pants, always have.  I like higher waisted pants because when I sit I don't like my ass crack to show...or my underwear.  A high waist also tends to fit my natural shape and helps me avoid the dreaded muffin top.  My hips are a little more than 10" larger than my waist.  This means that I'm fairly curvy - not fat, but actually curvy.  If you recall an earlier post, I tend to refer to fat girls as being "convex" not curvy.  I also have big calves because I do a lot of weightlifting.  I have issues buying regular jeans because of my calves.  A lot of times regular jeans end up fitting like skinny jeans.  I am almost back down to a size 6, so I don't think it's due to my body size.

Lets move on.

I got these pants while at work.  I ordered them in indigo.  They look like jeans, but they stretch and feel soft like thick workout pants.  I tried them on and kept them on (though I rolled the cuff a little).  Here's what they ended up looking like.

Ignore the fat.
They aren't bad.  I feel like I could wear these for a long time and not be uncomfortable or feel like they're constricting.  They aren't as high-waisted as I prefer, but they will definitely work.  All pockets and front zipper are functional.  This pair was on sale for $49.99.  Regular price is $59.99.  They come in indigo (what I got), midnight wash (blackish?), sea salt (white), and soft red (coral red).

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