Friday, May 1, 2015

Summer 12-Week Rockabilly Challenge

This summer, I'd like to host a 12-Week Challenge.  This is a challenge to show off your rockabilly self having a lot of fun AND it will get you out doing something.  I know that sometimes summer can lead to those "I have no idea what to do today" sort of days. This challenge runs from May 31 - August 22.

Each week there will be a single activity that is not too difficult.  The goal is to get a photo of yourself doing the activity and upload it to the Lonely Hepkat 12-Week Summer Challenge group on Flickr.  These can be you doing the activity, pin-up photos, food-related, craft-related, fashion-related...just remember that this is a rockabilly blog and its intended to be a rockabilly challenge.  Be sure to include this hashtag: #12weekrockabillychallenge


TIPS: It's 100% okay to collect photos all summer long and post them when the week comes around!  It would also be very cool if you tell us particular place names in your summer ventures like: "At Old Hannigan's for a slice of the best pie ever!" or "Picnic along the Smith River".

If you plan on doing this challenge then commit to it!  In the comments below, copy and paste the following - fill in the blanks: "I, (YOUR NAME HERE), pledge to do the 12-Week Rockabilly Challenge over the course of the summer of 2015.  I will have fun!  I will take pictures!"

Week 1 (May 31- June 6) - Get your photo taken with a vet or at a WWII memorial or with WWII items in honor of D-Day (June 6th).

Week 2 (June 7 - June 13) - Go find a classic car and pose with it.  I'd suggest hitting up a car show.

Week 3 (June 14 - June 20) - Every place has something that is unique, whether it's a piece of architecture or a statue or the best place for a great slice of pie.  Find a place that is unique to your town/city.

Week 4 (June 21 - June 27) - In honor of summer solstice, show us how you celebrate the longest day of the year!

Week 5 (June 28 - July 4) - Show off your patriotic side and make something delicious for July 4th!

Week 6 (July 5 - July 11) - Is it getting hot?  Cool off with some water and show us.  Ideas: Boating, fishing, beach, sprinkler, fountain, etc.

Week 7 (July 12 - July 18) - It seems like a great time to spend time in the great outdoors.  Go be one with nature! Ideas: Hiking, camping, fishing, nature walk, kayaking, hunting, etc.

Week 8 (July 19 - July 25) - Have a picnic.  This can be a classic picnic with a blanket and friends or it can be as simple as driving out to someplace with a great view for lunch and snapping a great picture.

Week 9 (July 26 - August 1) - Go to a big event like a county/state fair, street fair, car show, flea market, farmers market, or something equivalent.

Week 10 (August 2 - August 8) - The poppy is one of the symbols of August.  Find some poppies and strike a pose or make something with poppies as your theme and get a picture of you and your project.

Week 11 (August 9 - August 15) - Show off your summer rainwear!

Week 12 (August 16 - August 22) - You've done a great job!  Go grab a bite to eat or a cup of coffee or even a cocktail.  What are you having?  Are you with friends?  Are you in a great new dress/shirt/trousers?

Below is a graphic with the weekly schedule.  Click to enlarge.  Feel free to share it and/or save it!


  1. I super love this idea and really hope we get a bunch of participants. I see this being a lot of fun.

    She Knits in Pearls

  2. I think this will be a lot of fun too! It's only 1 photo a week, so not asking too much from people.

  3. I can't wait to participate!! So fun!



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