Friday, May 15, 2015

UFO/Space Party

I've been wanting to host a UFO/Space Party for a while now.  Lately, I've just been waiting for summer to roll about.  As I go about my planning and party preparations, I will be sharing with  you guys.

The Theme: Retro UFO/Space

Try Nots: Try not to show up in "blatantly obvious" movie themed outfits (like Star Wars or Star Trek).

Absolutely: Show up in a costume/outfit that fits with the theme.  Feel free to bring themed food.

Activities: We're going to have some group fun with Cranium and we're going to have some good food.  Also, we will vote on who has the best outfit - winner gets a bag of surprises!

If you're planning a party like this, I suggest having at least one planned activity.  It makes it fun and gives people something to look forward to.  It also usually indicates that's it's not a dumb kegger.

Menu:  Please feel free to bring something!  You can see what I'll be making below.

  • Cattle Mutilation Burgers
  • Fruity Star Salad
  • Venusian Asparagus
  • Grilled Tentacle Bites
  • Soylent Green
  • Planet Cookies
  • Baked Zorg Cookies
Music: You can stick with spacey exotica ("Fantastica" by Russ Garcia or "Star Dust Samba" by Pan American Orchestra), space-themed rockabilly music, and/or movie themes.

I need to make some kind of invitation for this thing and I need to pick a date. I'm thinking July 11th.

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