Thursday, July 23, 2015

10 Paleo Recipes

I have 10 paleo recipes that you need to try, even if you don't eat paleo!

1. Matcha Lime Mousse
This was AWESOME!  You have to love avocado and you have to like pistachios.  Pretty easy to make.  Very tasty.  I made this for St.Patrick's Day and it was perfect!  It's pretty rich, heads up.

2. Pumpkin Fudge
This was incredibly easy to make and it came out with the perfect pumpkin flavor!  I didn't turn mine into balls or top it off with cinnamon.  I just left mine as squares.  This could make a great finger food item at a party.

3. Beef Pumpkin Chili
I love my beef pumpkin chili.  I use whole pumpkin or canned pumpkin, depending on the season.  I know that "Pumpkin Spice Season" is about to occur.  You can eat this and love it and know that it is healthy for you.  Also, try making it with ground bison.

4. Bird's Nests
This is a fun way to make eggs, especially if you have some extra morning time (like on weekends).  You have to be a coconut fan for this.  The recipe is at the bottom of the blog post via link.

5. Tuna Patties & Baked Zucchini Fries
This was surprisingly quick to make and it felt like I let myself splurge - even though I really didn't.  I can honestly say that I felt like I was eating a very American dish with this.

 6. Orange Cream Truffles
I made these for Christmas and they went fast!  I have a few family members that try to eat super healthy and when I mentioned that these were paleo they couldn't resist them.  I even had some super picky eaters (kids) make rounds to eat some.  They approved.

7. Cauliflower Pizza Crust
I grew up with Ninja Turtle cartoons (the old ones from the early 90s).  I LOVE PIZZA!  Too bad that the paleo diet says NO to pizza.  One crust uses a whole head of cauliflower, so if you eat the whole things....well that's just a lot of veggies and fiber!  When I make this crust, I let myself have cheese - because it's not pizza without cheese.  Definitely make the crust, add your sauce, add your toppings, and throw in the oven until the cheese is melted.

8. Tilapia Tots
Fish in tot-form (like tater tots).  I really enjoyed these.  It was like eating pub food.  I did not use a cake pop cooker (I think they're silly).  I just made lumps using the pan frying method mentioned in the recipe.

9. Taro Fries
Taro is a tuber that is very low on the glycemic table, making it a great potato substitute for paleo eaters.  It looks a little funky, but the taste is pretty good.  Taro is also packed with vitamins.  It's a tropical tuber, so you can look to Hawaii for recipes.  Also, if you beat it enough, it turns purple and is usually termed 'Poi' (Hawaiian food).

10. Roasted Chestnuts
This is definitely an old school holiday thing.  I tried it a few years ago when I was in Portland and I thought it was pretty good.  I just ate them plain - out of the oven, shelled, and into my mouth.  I bet that these would taste amazing with a little oil, honey, and cinnamon mixture to pour over them.  Also, I hear that people like them in stuffing.  I haven't tried that yet.

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