Monday, July 13, 2015

15 Psychobilly/Gothabilly Items

I either have these or want these.  I'm not quite a full vintage gal because I love this kooky modern stuff.

1. Miss Argentina Hair Bow
I'm a big fan of Beetlejuice.  This is a must for me.  You may have noticed that I own this.  BUY HERE

2. Skeleton Hand Hair Clips (pair)
I own these guys too, but mine have red fingernails.  You can also find them in a variety of colors.  I think these are great.  Mine stay in my hair all day and don't give me fuss.  BUY HERE

3. Devil Fez
It would take a strong person to pull this off.  Most people recognize a red fez either from the Shriners or from the middle east/north africa.  If you're a fan of The Mummy and/or exotica jazz, you might want one of these.  BUY HERE (you can find 35 fez hats at the site)

4.  1940s Homemade Shirt
I used a Halloween cotton fabric to make this reproduction of a 1940s shirt.  I wear this shirt fairly often.  Its an easy pattern.  You can find it at your local Jo-Ann Fabric Store or any other fabric store.

5. Cigarette Pants in Tiger Print by Deadly Dames
These are found at Pin Up Girl Clothing.  These are wild and totally awesome.  BUY HERE
Cigarette Pants in Tiger Print
Cigarette Pants in Tiger Print

6.  Maggie Lou Dress
This has a little western flair to it, but with the right accessories could be a perfect psychobilly dress.  Just add some skulls.  BUY HERE

7. Skull Cardigan
I love my cardigans.  I'd love to have this one.  BUY HERE

8.  "Vanessa" Wiggle Dress
Don't be afraid to go with patterns when it comes to clothing.  This could be super cute for an office job.  BUY HERE

9. Martini Mermaid Bag
I think the bags from Fluff Shop are super cute.  The art is stylish and there's a fun selection of prints.  BUY HERE

10. Purple Capri Pants by Deadly Dames
Another selection from Pin Up Girl Clothing.  Purple is one of those key colors for me when I think of psychobilly and gothabilly. BUY HERE

11. Pointed Round Studs
These can be found at just about any craft store.  Add them to shirts or purses or whatever.  You simply poke them through and bend the back ends down.

12. Horror and Sci-Fi Shirts
At November Fire, you can get a bunch of old horror movie and sci-fi movie prints on a good selection of clothing (t-shirts, tanks, hoodies, etc).  They also have a good selection of patches.  BUY HERE

13. Vampira
This isn't an item to own.  This is an idol for any gothabilly papershaker.  Vampira was an early horror host and you might have seen her on Plan 9 From Outer Space.

14. Beetlejuice
I tend to look at Beetlejuice for a lot of inspiration.  Two primary icons from this film would be the receptionist and the office worker from the afterlife.  The general concept I tend to go with is "reproduction styles in punk/goth colors/prints/fabrics".

15. Men's Halloween Suit
Sometimes during Halloween you can find some crazy suits on the market that aren't total crap.  Spirit Halloween carries a few of these suits.  While I wouldn't wear the whole thing together, I would definitely wear the tie and jacket...if I was a guy.

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