Friday, July 10, 2015

50s Slang Comeback!

These are some terms I am determined to start using more in my daily vocabulary.    Just a heads up, I'm going fishing.  I'll post photos later.

Agitate the Gravel - To leave (usually quickly)
Antsville - A very busy place.
Ape/Go Ape - To explode or get angry/agitated real fast.
Bull - A big, strong athlete
Cast an Eyeball - To look around
Deepie - A 3D film
Dig - Approval or understand. "I dig man"
Earthbound - Reliable
Fake Out - Bad date
Fink - A tattle tale.
Fream - Someone who doesn't fit in
Ginchy/Ginchiest - Cool/Coolest
Gorilla - A bully or bodyguard
Hep - Cool, with it
In Orbit - In the know
Mushroom People - Peole who come out at night to play/party
Radioactive - Super cool, new, and popular
Smog in the Noggin - Memory loss
Swell - Great
Wolf - A man with romantic intentions.
Word from the Bird - The truth

Are there any terms that you want to try using more?  Let me know!

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