Monday, July 27, 2015

Starting A Women's Group

I want to start by saying that I have always felt a bit like a lone wolf because I'm such a home body.  When I moved back to Alaska (grumble grumble) I was completely out of sorts.  I moved in late February last year.  One of my first thoughts when moving back was "Maybe I can find a few rockabilly folks when I move back".   If you have found yourself with this same exact thought, then read on!

Let me just say that you can do anything alone, but after a while it gets old.  Sometimes its nice to just go through an antique store with a friend or two, or play a card game, or just go for dessert and wine with friends.  I totally understand.

When I first moved back to where I started (Fairbanks, Alaska) I was at a loss.  I was not sure who was in town and who would want to hang out.  I started out with craigslist.  I made a cute little text graphic and wrote up a little paragraph blurb about wanting to start a rockabilly social club, something where we could meet for lunch or go bowling or work on cars or whatever.

The only response I got from that ad was someone asking "what is rockabilly?" and "maybe they're into it".  I don't know what kind of response that was, but it wasn't the kind of response I wanted.  Why didn't they just google the term?

I got to thinking about people who I knew owned at least one article of rockabilly clothing.  One had just moved and one was still in town (my friend Deanna).  We started chatting on facebook little by little, more and more.

It actually wasn't until August (6 months after I moved!) that things turned around.  Lo and behold, Reverend Horton Heat came up to play at the 49th State Brewing Company in Healy, Alaska (just outside of Denali National Park).  I snagged a ticket and took a half day from work so I could get ready and drive down to Healy (around 3 hours driving time plus lots of road construction).  When I got there I found that there was a local rockabilly band ready to open for the Rev, my friend who had moved was there, and she introduced me to her friend Cherry Darling (She Knits in Pearls).

Me & Jimbo

I found that facebook was a great way to find a few local rockabilly people.  After the concert, I didn't waste too much time finding Cherry on facebook and contacting my friend Deanna, asking if they wanted to go to lunch.  It became our thing - maybe not every week, but at least two or three times a month.  We would go to lunch on Saturday, maybe even go to an antique store or something together.

This past weekend at the Golden Days Festival.
We have since become pretty close friends - for all being home bodies!  LOL  We're all crafty in different ways which is awesome.  Cherry knits, Deanna cooks - does printmaking - embroidery, and I do a lot of sewing.

In order to stay connected and to possibly find other folks, we started a facebook group simply called "Fairbanks Rockabilly".  We have 32 members!  I haven't met them all, but they're on the group.  We have had two new girls join us occassionally.  Both are from California and offer some fun new perspectives on the rockabilly lifestyle.

I think both were appauled at my lack of enthusiasm over Disney, but for me rockabilly and Disney are not synonymous.

I have to say that finding a few people who are totally into the rockabilly lifestyle, crafty, and are usually up for grabbing food or the occassional drink.

It takes just a little effort over a short period of time, but I promise that there are people out there that you can connect with.  Start with coffee and move from there.  We actually got together this weekend to have a booth at the Golden Days Festival.  Now, we're thinking about possibly doing a craft bazaar or something.

Start doing things once a week at first and don't take offense if people can't make it.  Life happens, right?  Once you establish things that you have in common with each other, you'll find your way.  You might want to start learning how to play bridge or start a knitting group or a weekly potluck (specializing in vintage recipes?).

Maybe this weekend we can split a bottle of wine and have a game night or something.  I should toss that idea out there on facebook.

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  1. Oh wow!!! Good to read how it all worked out for you! I've been wanting to do something here in SD, as everything is either up north, or in LA.
    But it's good you never gave up on having people with similar interests to hang with <333

    Carla, TinyAngryCrafts


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