Monday, August 31, 2015

Bugging Out

At this point, most people have heard of prepping.  It's the act of preparing for a disaster, whatever you think will happen. I am a very multifaceted person and prepping is one thing that I am definitely interested in.

I wanted to go over some things that you should consider if you ever feel the need to do some prepping.
  • Assess the area where you live.  Can you get out of town?  Would you have to hole up for a while?  Would there ever be an attack on the area you live in?
  • Do you have enough food to last you two weeks?
  • Where could you get supplies if you needed them?
  • What are your skills?  What are the skills of those living around you?
  • Do you have any weapons and defenses?
  • Where would you go?
If you have been following the news out there, you might have caught wind that in September something is supposed to happen.  What?  We don't know, but it's supposed to be bad.  Here are some articles.

If you think that nothing is going to happen in the near future, please reassess.  There are impending threats from space, North Korea, and the economy.  Will it happen soon?  We don't know.  Is it wise to have a plan and be ready?  Always.

Now you either think that I am crazy or I have a point.  Right?

Here's a brief assessment of my current area of Fairbanks, Alaska:
Fairbanks is located in the Alaskan interior and reaches severely low temperatures.  The coldest I've seen it get was -67F in the early/mid 90s.  Ft.Wainwright (army) is butt-up against the east side of the city, an hour southeast of Fairbanks is Clear AFS (radar for missile defense and space surveillance), southwest of Fairbanks (just past North Pole) is Eielson AFB, and about an hour and a half beyond Eielson is Ft.Greeley (missile defense and a space base).  I'm in a prime target area for bombing.  It also wouldn't take a whole lot of effort for the military to shut down the roads and airways, probably the waterways too.  We are situated on some earthquake fault lines that will be rocking and rolling if the big mega-quake happens.  Also, most people in Fairbanks have weapons and a lot of people in the area are a little crazy and/or paranoid.  I also live in a light industrial area.

Think about your area.  Do an assessment in your head or talk to your friends about it.  All it does is make you more aware of your area.  That's all.

How To Make Your Own Basic Bug Out Bag/Box
- Find a waterproof box or durable backpack
- A change of clothing
- Extra socks and underwear
- Camp mug, bowl, combo utensil
- Small camp pot
- First aid kit
- Knives
- Firestick (magnesium fire starter stick)
- Flashlight
- Emergency blankets (2)
- Para-cord
- Food for 1 week
- Trade items

Food for 1 week: Canned tuna (7), dried fruit (1 bag), dried veggies (try peas, okra, taro chips, zucchini), food bar (like larabars, cliff bars, etc), water, and hard candy.  If you need caffeine, make sure you have something in your bag.

Trade items: Coffee, cigarettes, alcohol, tea, soap, medicine, and core supplies.

If something does happen, I want to suggest grabbing a book or playing cards.  You will need some way to relax when you find a secure location.

I'm not crazy, just prepared!

Today's Look

I decided to go with grey, white, and mustard today.  Grey pencil skirt and cardigan.  Yellow and white top found at the Red Dress Shoppe.  I had a white and yellow scarf lying around, so I used it for my hair.  What you can't see so well in the photo is that I have a lazy poodle going on.  When I say "lazy poodle" I mean that it's just sloppy enough I needed the scarf to hide some areas.

I've switched my workout routine.  Instead of crossfit and taekwondo, I'm back to running at Planet Fitness.  I managed 3 miles in roughly 24 minutes today.  I just need to get in the habit of going to the gym every day.

What motivates you to get to the gym?

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Need Remodeling Help?

Since I've been remodeling this apartment, I've been using pinterest like crazy.  Currently, it's a search for rugs at an affordable cost.

If you need ideas and are looking on pinterest, here are some of my boards that may interest you.
I am currently looking to add other pinners to my boards.  If you would like to start adding to these lists, send me a message on pinterest or leave me a comment here.  Tell me which board(s) you want to participate with and tell me your pinterest username or email.

Thursday, August 27, 2015


I know I haven't posted a whole bunch lately.  I got my floor installed (cost less than $400) and my place cleaned up.  I think it looks bigger now.  I have a new couch ordered through Joybird. SUPER EXCITED!  I'm currently on the search for rugs.  It seems like when I find a runner I like it costs around $150 and thats a little too much.

My goal is to minimalize my things, donate to the literacy council and stuff.  Having to pack up my living room and then unpack it, I have cleaned out so much crap!  It is very liberating.  I highly suggest doing it.

My couch that I ordered is coming in from Joybird (  It's called the Hughes Chaise and I'm getting it in Vibe Aquatic.  It looks great with my flooring and really pops!
Vibe Aquatic

All of the color swatches from Joybird
My plan is to get a cowhide for my main rug in front of the new couch, 2 runners for the doorways, and a lamp.  It's kind of hard to find a MCM rug in Fairbanks.  I want something affordable.  I seem to be leaning towards yellow for my runners.  Here are the three that I really like.

From West Elm
From West Elm

From Wayfair

Anyone know where to find some cheaper (less than $150) MCM runners?

I also wanted to let you know that I have a bunch of Halloween stuff planned.  I will start posting in mid-September.  If you need some Halloween help, let me know.  I always have ideas.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Beef & Mushroom Hearty Soup

I love making this soup.  It's easy.  I can put it together pretty quickly in the morning and it's ready for lunch or dinner.

Beef & Mushroom Hearty Soup

For a small crock pot

2 cups Water
1/2 tsp Sage
1 heaping spoonful Beef Bouillon
1/3 White Onion
7 Whole Crimini Mushrooms
3/4 lb Stew Beef
1 can Campbell's Cream of Mushroom

1. In a small crock pot, add in your water, sage, and beef bouillon.  Turn your crock pot to high.
2. Dice up your white onion.  Have a large frying pan ready on high heat with some oil.  Place your onions into the pan and start cooking them until they begin to turn a golden color (caramelizing them).  Once that starts, add these to your crock pot.
3. Slice up your mushrooms and add them to the crock pot.
4. Turn the heat on the frying pan to medium-high and place your stew beef into the pan.  All you want to do is sear the meat - basically cook it for about 2 minutes or until the outside changes color.  Toss the meat into the crock pot.   Done with the stove.
5. Empty your can of soup mix over everything in the crock pot.
6. Your soup will be ready to eat in 4 hours, but you can let it sit there all day in the crock pot if you want.  It will be fine and your meat will just come out more tender.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

When To Wear It

It's always important to know when to wear the appropriate clothing.  This is just a quick guide.  Oh, be sure to vote on the poll --> Look to the right side bar -->

 House Dress - This is a very informal dress that is often worn in the morning or around the house.  These dresses are perfect for chores, cleaning, yard work, and running quick errands.  These dresses are often a little large-cut, but with a belt or with proper darting, the dress can maintain a bit of style in case you need to leave the house.

Day Dress - This is an informal dress, usually knee length (though length varies) and often is made out of a wide variety of fabrics and prints.  The day dress is attire that can be worn around town and even to work, though usually heels (1-3" height) are recommended.  Flats, heels, or boots can be worn around town.  Day dresses can easily be paired with a cardigan.  For men, the equivalent of a day dress would be a business suit.  Suits usually have 1-3 buttons, a slight tapered leg, and the colors a typically muted to black, grey, tan, brown, navy, green, and multi-colored plaid.  Typically a man's shoes, belt, tie, and hat (fedora usually) will compliment each other.

Day Wear - Aside from dresses, there are other items that can be worn during the day, but aren't correct for evening wear (typically worn after 6pm).  These items are: shorts, pedal pushers, blouses, circle skirt, pencil skirt, jeans, chuck taylors, cardigans, sweaters, and school sweaters.  For men, day wear would include jeans, chuck taylors, school sweaters, aloha shirts, camp shirts, gaucho shirts, shorts, trousers, and t-shirts.

Cocktail Dress - An elegant dress worn to semi-formal occassions (aka "black tie") and to cocktail parties (hence the name) after 6pm.  The length of these dresses fall between the knee and the ankle.  It is generally recommended that heels are worn with a cocktail dress as well as fashionable jewelry.  This is perfect attire to wear to dinner parties, going out for drinks or dinner, cocktail parties, going out with friends, dates, informal dances, evening gallery showings, and other informal evening events.  For men, the general dress code is to wear pressed trousers, a pressed shirt, a sports/dinner jacket, appropriate dress shoes, and appropriate accessories like cufflinks and jewelry.

Formal Dress - A formal dress is typically calf-length to floor length worn to events after 6pm.  This type of dress is typically for White Tie occassions (formal occassions) such as: balls, masquerades, opera/ballet/symphony, fundraisers, formal dinner, evening weddings, and community formal events.  Formal dresses can be worn with a variety of jewelry, stoles, tiaras, flowers, etc.  For men, the dress code is a black and white suit with a white tie.

Pajamas & Lounge Wear - Pajamas and Lounge Wear come in a variety of styles from a shirt and pants combo to a nightgown to robes to oversized sleep shirts.   You might have something elegant made from flannel-back satin or something more hearty made from plaid flannel or jersey cotton.  This type of wear is only for inside your house and is only for mornings and evenings, or occassionally when you stay home on a sick day.  It is not for day-time wear.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Let's See Your Pad!

I would like to see some of my reader's swanky pads!  Please send me a picture or two, along with your location, and if you want - a brief write up. 

I'm almost done with the quick remodel and haven't even ordered my new pieces (couch, rug, and lamp).  It might be a little while before I post again, so send in your emails in the next two or three days.  I'll post something by Wednesday if I get any submissions.

Your whole place doesn't have to be the swankiest.  If you have a pink bathroom or a tiki kitchen or whatever else, let's see it!  I would also like to know if you have any remodel goals or plans on getting a twin pair of vintage lamps - etc.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Bloglovin' Contest

I am signed up for the new Bloglovin' Contest.  What this means is that this blog could be a featured blog at Bloglovin'.  What has to happen for me to win?  I need everyone to FOLLOW my blog on Bloglovin'.  Here is the link: Lonely Hepkat on Bloglovin'

In case you are new to it, Bloglovin' is a site that shows you blog updates from all of the blogs that you follow.  You can even search for new blogs to follow.  I find that it's super handy to have all of the blog feeds that I like to read in one location.

Help me out!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Upgrading The Pad

Work in Progress
Last night I received permission to rip out the carpeting, as long as it's me paying for the new flooring.  I'm going to leave the carpeting in the bedroom since it's not so worn.  The hallway and the living room is out of here.

Currently, it's 5:53pm and I'm about halfway done ripping out the carpet and padding.  Tomorrow I am going to get some flooring (bonus, it's on sale) and start installing it.  I plan on finishing up by about 7:30 tonight and starting on the subfloor repair (fixing the squeaks).

When I'm done, I'll show you!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

A Tour of My Bachelorette Pad

Since I wrote that article last week on bachelorette pads, I was thinking that I'd show you what I have.  It's a 1960's MCM apartment.  Unfortunately, I'm still working with it and there's some terrible clutter spots.  This is a photo-centric post.

I have a pink, white, and gold bathroom.  Pink fixtures, white and gold walls, and white and pink counter.  It's pretty cool.

The bedroom is fairly big.  I didn't clean up everything, so....sorry.  On the plus side, it's a big bedroom and the closet is pretty decent.

My hallway and closet of clutter.

Living Room
That red table leg sticking out is where I'm currently typing from.  That's my big computer desk.  As you can see, I tend to fill up shelving space.  *eye roll* It's soooo in need of organizing.  My living room and kitchen are tied together, so for this, I will stay on the living room side of the counter.  My black chairs, they've been here since the building was built, often hold current sewing projects - like the blue flamingo dress you can see.

Above, I like masks.  I painted the Day of the Dead masks.  My Japanese friend brought back the "Mask of Evil" (the devilish mask) from Japan.  She was adamant that it wasn't the devil, but simply a mask of evil.  That's pretty cool, huh?

I'd show you some other stuff close up, but it's a little scary on the other side of that couch.  I have art stuff everywhere.  My tv is sitting on a 1940s radio and record player cabinet (RCA Victorola).  I'm trying to get it fixed.

I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. It helps that it is open to the living and I can watch tv or listen to music in both areas.  My kitchen has a tropical tiki theme to it.  I'll show you all of my tiki and tropical stuff.

 Over the sink, see below.

 By the kitchen window, see below.

 Above, my 1920s parrot jar.  Below, two tiki masks.

Well that's my place.  I sure hope you didn't think it was too messy.  I would like to make it a little more...minimalist.  I just have to continue going through some boxes.  If I had my way, I'd get rid of the popcorn ceiling stuff and the bland carpet. 

Show me your bachelorette pads!  Send me some pictures and include the city where you live.  I'll post it up.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Photoshoot Sneak Peek

Here are a few photos from today's photoshoot.  We're going to finish up the shoot this next weekend.  Photography by Matt Moberly.  Hair and Make-up by Wendy Carillo.