Thursday, August 13, 2015

5 Things I Take Time For

These are 5 things that I take time for every day.  I think it is important to acknowledge some of these quirks in your life.  It struck me one day, a few years ago, that I do these things.  When I acknowledge it, I found a little bit of peace with myself.  Since I will be listing mine, why don't you leave yours in the comments?  I'm interested in knowing more about you all (my readers).
At work doodle of myself

1. Drawing Attack
When I need to draw, it's kind of like "I NEED TO FUCKING DRAW!".  It doesn't matter if it's a 2 minute doodle or the start of a masterpiece.  I allow myself to draw when the mood strikes...or at least do a quick sketch so I can work on it later.

2. Savoring Coffee
There's at least one time every day where I fully enjoy my cup of coffee.  Usually this is first thing in the morning.  Right now, I'm on a Kauai Coffee Peaberry whole bean that is fantastic.  Cream and sugar, be gone!  I take it black.

3. Reading Before Sleep
Almost every night I read before going to sleep.  I'm one of those people who will lay in bed for an hour, wide awake.  I figure I might as well make it useful time.  I just read Koop Kooper's new book Licardo Prince: Accidental Assassin (available on Amazon) and I am currently in the middle of The Demonologist (all about Ed and Lorraine Warren).  I might just start The Cell by Stephen King pretty soon.  I'm surprised at the amount I get read this way.
My writing journal

4. Daily Writing
I write everyday.  It could be for a writing project and/or in my "beginnings" journal (just beginnings of stories and excerpts from stories).  I try to think of my journal as a quick writing exercise.  It helps me get through writers block and helps me work through tough spots in projects.  My daily writing affects me in the same manner as drawing.  When it happens, I need to do it right then...and yes, I get bitchy about it.

5. Kitchen Time
I always take time for the kitchen.  That may sound odd to put it that way, but it's not just for cooking.  It is also for doing dishes (its just me so a dishwasher seems pointless), cleaning, taking out the trash, etc.  I despise a disgusting kitchen with dishes piled high, food particles everywhere, etc.  I might not always be the cleanest person in the world, but I will always have a clean kitchen.

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