Monday, August 31, 2015

Bugging Out

At this point, most people have heard of prepping.  It's the act of preparing for a disaster, whatever you think will happen. I am a very multifaceted person and prepping is one thing that I am definitely interested in.

I wanted to go over some things that you should consider if you ever feel the need to do some prepping.
  • Assess the area where you live.  Can you get out of town?  Would you have to hole up for a while?  Would there ever be an attack on the area you live in?
  • Do you have enough food to last you two weeks?
  • Where could you get supplies if you needed them?
  • What are your skills?  What are the skills of those living around you?
  • Do you have any weapons and defenses?
  • Where would you go?
If you have been following the news out there, you might have caught wind that in September something is supposed to happen.  What?  We don't know, but it's supposed to be bad.  Here are some articles.

If you think that nothing is going to happen in the near future, please reassess.  There are impending threats from space, North Korea, and the economy.  Will it happen soon?  We don't know.  Is it wise to have a plan and be ready?  Always.

Now you either think that I am crazy or I have a point.  Right?

Here's a brief assessment of my current area of Fairbanks, Alaska:
Fairbanks is located in the Alaskan interior and reaches severely low temperatures.  The coldest I've seen it get was -67F in the early/mid 90s.  Ft.Wainwright (army) is butt-up against the east side of the city, an hour southeast of Fairbanks is Clear AFS (radar for missile defense and space surveillance), southwest of Fairbanks (just past North Pole) is Eielson AFB, and about an hour and a half beyond Eielson is Ft.Greeley (missile defense and a space base).  I'm in a prime target area for bombing.  It also wouldn't take a whole lot of effort for the military to shut down the roads and airways, probably the waterways too.  We are situated on some earthquake fault lines that will be rocking and rolling if the big mega-quake happens.  Also, most people in Fairbanks have weapons and a lot of people in the area are a little crazy and/or paranoid.  I also live in a light industrial area.

Think about your area.  Do an assessment in your head or talk to your friends about it.  All it does is make you more aware of your area.  That's all.

How To Make Your Own Basic Bug Out Bag/Box
- Find a waterproof box or durable backpack
- A change of clothing
- Extra socks and underwear
- Camp mug, bowl, combo utensil
- Small camp pot
- First aid kit
- Knives
- Firestick (magnesium fire starter stick)
- Flashlight
- Emergency blankets (2)
- Para-cord
- Food for 1 week
- Trade items

Food for 1 week: Canned tuna (7), dried fruit (1 bag), dried veggies (try peas, okra, taro chips, zucchini), food bar (like larabars, cliff bars, etc), water, and hard candy.  If you need caffeine, make sure you have something in your bag.

Trade items: Coffee, cigarettes, alcohol, tea, soap, medicine, and core supplies.

If something does happen, I want to suggest grabbing a book or playing cards.  You will need some way to relax when you find a secure location.

I'm not crazy, just prepared!

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