Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Product Review: Aprills Marilyn Pencil Dress

I've been eyeballing the Aprills Marilyn Pencil Dress for about two years now.  It cost $47 + shipping through amazon.  I think this is a super cute dress and while I would normally go for black, I decided to order it in blue.

I ordered this based on the sizing chart and my faith in the phrase "stretchy fabric for that perfect fit".  I tried it on when it came in and I love that it has some stretch to it.  I think this is a super cute day dress.  I was not keen on the belt that came in the exact same color as the dress - same material.  Honestly, when I ordered the dress I didn't realize it came with a belt.  It just doesn't show up, so what's the point?  I went out and paid $1.99 at the thrift store for a woven white belt.  Now it pops.

Surprisingly, this dress comes with boob pads.  I found that strange.  I guess it provides a little extra lift, but it kind of cancels out my bullet bra.

This dress is very comfortable.  I put it on after coming home from the gym, so as you might be able to tell, my hair was not up to speed.  I was also wearing my bullet bra (yes, I showered before putting the dress on) and you can't even tell.  I could just wear a standard modern bra with this dress.

I think I could use a better pair of white shoes - something I can wear in the winter and perhaps some white gloves and a white hat.

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