Monday, August 3, 2015

The Dress Sale

As you know, I have some Lindy Bop dresses for sale.  I thought I should just post them here.  I brought these dresses in for a street fair.  They haven't been worn.  Below each picture will be the price and sizes available.  If you know your US dress size, but not UK size, general rule of thumb is UK Size - 2 = US Size.  (UK 14 - 2 = US 12)  If you see something you want to purchase, leave a message in the comments.  My paypal email is

Black & Maroon Wiggle, $55, uk 14/us L, uk 18/us 2XL

Yellow Halter, $55, uk 18/us 2XL, uk 16/us XL

Peach Floral, $60, uk 16/us XL, uk 20/us 3XL, uk 24/us 5XL

Navy WWII, $50, uk 16/us XL, uk 24/us 5XL

Turquoise Audrey, $60, uk 20/us 3XL, uk 18/us 2XL

White Floral, $60, uk 14/us L

Office Leopard, $55, uk 16/us XL, uk 14/us L

Light Blue Floral, $50, uk 10/us S
Grey Sunflower & Birds, $60, uk 20/us 3XL, uk 14/us L

The funds from this are going towards my "Move From Alaska" fund.  I think it's a good cause.  I absolutely need to leave this place.  I am also looking for suggestions on where to move to.  It kind of depends on getting work of course.


  1. I would love to meet up with you some time soon to get my fabulous new dress. Thank you so much Jessie XOXO

    She Knits in Pearls

    1. Certainly! Call me when you want to come over.


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