Sunday, August 23, 2015

When To Wear It

It's always important to know when to wear the appropriate clothing.  This is just a quick guide.  Oh, be sure to vote on the poll --> Look to the right side bar -->

 House Dress - This is a very informal dress that is often worn in the morning or around the house.  These dresses are perfect for chores, cleaning, yard work, and running quick errands.  These dresses are often a little large-cut, but with a belt or with proper darting, the dress can maintain a bit of style in case you need to leave the house.

Day Dress - This is an informal dress, usually knee length (though length varies) and often is made out of a wide variety of fabrics and prints.  The day dress is attire that can be worn around town and even to work, though usually heels (1-3" height) are recommended.  Flats, heels, or boots can be worn around town.  Day dresses can easily be paired with a cardigan.  For men, the equivalent of a day dress would be a business suit.  Suits usually have 1-3 buttons, a slight tapered leg, and the colors a typically muted to black, grey, tan, brown, navy, green, and multi-colored plaid.  Typically a man's shoes, belt, tie, and hat (fedora usually) will compliment each other.

Day Wear - Aside from dresses, there are other items that can be worn during the day, but aren't correct for evening wear (typically worn after 6pm).  These items are: shorts, pedal pushers, blouses, circle skirt, pencil skirt, jeans, chuck taylors, cardigans, sweaters, and school sweaters.  For men, day wear would include jeans, chuck taylors, school sweaters, aloha shirts, camp shirts, gaucho shirts, shorts, trousers, and t-shirts.

Cocktail Dress - An elegant dress worn to semi-formal occassions (aka "black tie") and to cocktail parties (hence the name) after 6pm.  The length of these dresses fall between the knee and the ankle.  It is generally recommended that heels are worn with a cocktail dress as well as fashionable jewelry.  This is perfect attire to wear to dinner parties, going out for drinks or dinner, cocktail parties, going out with friends, dates, informal dances, evening gallery showings, and other informal evening events.  For men, the general dress code is to wear pressed trousers, a pressed shirt, a sports/dinner jacket, appropriate dress shoes, and appropriate accessories like cufflinks and jewelry.

Formal Dress - A formal dress is typically calf-length to floor length worn to events after 6pm.  This type of dress is typically for White Tie occassions (formal occassions) such as: balls, masquerades, opera/ballet/symphony, fundraisers, formal dinner, evening weddings, and community formal events.  Formal dresses can be worn with a variety of jewelry, stoles, tiaras, flowers, etc.  For men, the dress code is a black and white suit with a white tie.

Pajamas & Lounge Wear - Pajamas and Lounge Wear come in a variety of styles from a shirt and pants combo to a nightgown to robes to oversized sleep shirts.   You might have something elegant made from flannel-back satin or something more hearty made from plaid flannel or jersey cotton.  This type of wear is only for inside your house and is only for mornings and evenings, or occassionally when you stay home on a sick day.  It is not for day-time wear.

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