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30-Day Rationing Food Challenge

I have been reading about food rationing during WWII.

Growing up, I was affected by this, despite having been born in 1982.  My mom's brothers and sisters, there are 8 of them total, were born during the 1950s and early 1960s.  Since my grandparents went through WWII, they were affected by the effect of rationing.  My grandma was a food stretcher and a food hoarder.  Instead of medicine, a lot of times they were given a lemondhead candy.  Several of them didn't realize it was candy until they were young adults.  They didn't grow up with pizza, burgers, pasta sauce, etc.  Example: spaghetti was spaghetti noodles with ketchup.

Luckily, while my parents dated for 8 years before getting married, my dad introduced my mom to flavor (though her palate is still very bland) and my mom introduced him to actual vegetables (he just ate peas and corn).  My grandmother did manage to garden a little bit, but with 8 kids I guess that's kind of hard.

I grew up being a foodie.  I could teach a seminar on coffee and espresso.  I love French food.  I love other kinds of food.  I'm currently on a New Mexican cuisine kick.  I love trying new things and researching historic foods.  At some point I want to try some of those fried scorpions that you see in tv shows when the host in in Thailand.

With that said, I'm am indeed planning on looking into WWII rationing.  Here is what I've found in order to understand how WWII rationing worked.

Each person was allotted 50 food points a month.  I have put together a food list with size and points for each food.  Baked goods and fresh produce were generally never on the list, but could also be scarce items.

Some items were allotted by the month.  You were only allowed 2lbs sugar a month and 1lb of coffee every 5 weeks.  Not everything was rationed though, so spices, flour, fish, etc are not on the list.

*All items found via primary sources, US rationing

Canned Items
Peas  -  1lb 4oz  -  16pts
Corn  -  1lb 4oz  -  14pts
Tomato  -  1lb 3oz  -  16pts
Asparagus  -  1lb 3oz  -  11pts
Green Beans  -  1lb 3oz  -  14pts
Spinach  -  1lb 2oz  -  11pts
Peaches  -  1lb 14oz  -  21pts
Pears  -  1lb 14oz  -  21pts
Sliced Pineapple  -  1lb 14oz  -  24pts
Grapefruit  -  1lb 4oz  -  10pts
Fruit Cocktail  -  1lb 1oz  -  11pts
Cranberry Sauce  -  10oz  -  8pts
Stewed Prunes/Plums  -  10oz  - 8pts
Applesauce  -  14oz  -  12pts
Canned Apples  -  14oz - 12pts
Sour Cherries  -  14oz  -  20pts
Black Eyed Peas  -  14oz  -  6pt
Pumpkin/Squash  -  14oz  -  8pts
Lima Beans  -  14oz  -  14pts
Leafy Greens  -  14oz  -  5pts
Kidney Beans  -  14oz  -  11pts
Mixed Vegetable  -  14oz  -  8pts
Mushrooms  -  14oz  -  14pts
Sauerkraut  -  14oz  -  3pts
Tomato Paste  -  14oz  -  18pts
Tomato Puree  -  14oz  -  4pts
Ketchup or Chili Sauce -  14oz  -  18pts
Tomato Sauce  -  14oz  -  6pts

Beef Loin Chops  -  1lb  -  8pts
Beef Shoulder -  1lb  -  5pts
Beef Sirloin  -  1lb  -  7pts
Beef Rump Roast w/bone  -  1lb  -  4pts
Ground & Patties  -  1lb  -  5pts
Lamb Chops  -  1lb  -  8pts
Lamb Chuck Roast  -  1lb  -  5pts
Ground Lamb Patties  -  1lb  -  4pts
Pork Chops, end  -  1lb  -  6pts
Pork Loin  -  1lb  -  7pts
Pork Shoulder Roast, butt w bone  -  1lb  -  7pts
Bacon, Canadian  -  1lb  -  11pts
Ham  -  1lb  -  12pts
Corned Beef Brisket  -  1lb  -  12pts

Juices & Soups
Soup, concentrate  -  10.5oz  -  4pts
Soup, ready to serve  -  10.5oz  -  2pts
Tomato Soup  -  10.5oz  -  3pts
Grapefruit Juice  -  2lb 14oz  -  3pts
Pineapple Juice  -  2lb 14oz  -  28pts
Tomato Juice  -  2lb 14oz  -  6pts
Tomato Juice  -  1lb 7oz  -  5pts
Grape Juice  -  2lb  -  6pts
Citrus Juices -  1qt  -  3pts

Shortening  -  1lb  -  5pts
Salad or Cooking Oil  -  1lb  -  5pts
Margarine  -  1lb  -  6pts
Processed Butter  -  1lb  -  6pts *not from farm or creamery
Cream Cheese  -  1lb  -  5pts
Cottage Cheese  -  1lb  -  5pts
Jam  -  1lb  -  6pts
Jelly  -  1lb  -  4pts
Fruit Butter  -  1lb  -  4pts
Marmalade  -  1lb  -  6pts
Frozen Fruit or Berries  -  1lb  -  12pts
Frozen Juice  -  12oz  -  2pts
Frozen Beans and Leafy Green  -  1lb  -  6pts *except spinach
Frozen Beans, Corn, Peas, Spinach, other Veggies  -  1lb  -  12pts

The 30-Day Rationing Food Challenge.  It might seem easy and somewhat convenient to plan what you could have for the whole month.  Is it?  I'm going to do this from Sept. 23 to Oct. 23 (when I have my Halloween cocktail party).

Here are my rules:

  1. I have food already, but I'm going to limit myself to 6 cans/boxes of food and whatever is in my fridge.  I am going to ignore what is in my freezer except for 1 fish fillet and 1 bag of frozen broccoli.  The key here is to use what you have, but really keep it overly limited.  People didn't start the war with absolutely empty cabinets, so I'm not worried about having some food around.
  2. I can only get food that is either not on the list or with my 50 points (for food on the list).
  3. Update once a week through my blog on my progress.
  4. Try to stick with foods that were available in the 1940s.  You can't just go buy protein bars or something.  That would be cheating.

If you would like to try this challenge for yourself, let me know how it goes!    Also, tag it with #1940sRationChallenge  I will have to make a video or something for this.

Here is a useful rationing guide that you can print out.  Click to enlarge it.

I'm updating this post.  I found, through pinterest, The 1940's Experiment.  A lady lost 100 pounds by using a wartime rationing food regime!  Amazing!  She does have recipes, so be sure to check it out.

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