Thursday, September 10, 2015

Eye-Scream (Halloween #1)

This is the first of a series of Halloween posts.  I know that I am starting early, but sometimes you need that extra time to prepare for parties and whatnot. 

This particular recipe was inspired by the old Beetlejuice cartoon series.  This could be a fun dessert for kids or adults.  You can make this small (as I will show) or as one huge eyeball.

You will need:
- Any type of white ice cream (I used coconut bliss which is a brand of coconut ice cream)
- Chocolate chips (regular size for small or jumbo size for larger)
- 1 can Cherry Pie Filling
- Food coloring (blue, green, and/or brown)
- Toothpicks
- Spoon
- Mini Half-Dome pan (shown) or larger half-dome pan

Thaw your ice cream until it is somewhat soft.

Fill in as many half domes as you need, then put this back in the freezer.

Once your ice cream is solid again, you can pop them out of the pan.  Have your items ready!!!

With a spoon, remove a circular area from the top of each half dome.

Use the spoon to mix the removed ice cream with a touch of color (use the tooth picks).  Put this back into the scooped out hole and push an upside down chocolate chip in the center of it.  You might want to pop each eyeball back into the freezer as soon as it is done to prevent additional melting.

Once your eyeballs are all in the freezer, you have time to get out the bowl you are serving your dish in.  Open your can of cherries and fill the bottom of the bowl.

Once your eyeballs are solid, place them on top of the cherry filling.  Use some of the extra filling goo to drizzle on the eyeballs.
This is a goofy dish that is fun to make and fun to eat.  I will warn you that coconut bliss ice cream melts pretty fast.  If you have color that runs down the side of your eyeball, have no fear.  Gently scrape away the color that ran with a spoon as soon as you pull it out of the freezer.

For large eyes, you could also use slightly softened ice cream that is scooped out into a ball.  It really depends on how you want to present it.

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