Thursday, September 17, 2015

Radio Interview

You can catch the radio interview from last night at the Spaced Out Radio online archives.  It was primarily on the UFO sightings from November 1986 by JAL 1628 (Japanese cargo plane).  I don't always blog about paranormal stuff, but since I am the Assistant State Director of Alaska for MUFON - I figured I would mention this since the paranormal is a big part of my life.  This was  very fun.  I have to admit that I do get worked up - overly excited - when I talk about the paranormal.  Just hope I don't come off as crazy or nervous.  LOL  I hope you listen to the show and enjoy things.

In October, you should be able to catch me on Cocktail Nation, hosted by Koop Kooper.  We're going to do a paranormal segment on the show with the focus being on mid-century-related events, as well as any niche knowledge that a lounge lothario may be inclined to know.

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