Saturday, November 28, 2015

Christmas Season

The Christmas Season is upon us now that Thanksgiving has passed.  I love getting gifts for people and the cooking and the baking.  Our little group of Fairbanks Rockabilly folks should be putting together a Christmas party soon.  We had one last year and it was wonderful!

I was thinking about party themes earlier and here are a few ideas I had:
  • White Christmas - Everyone wears white.
  • Silver & Gold - Everyone wears silver and/or gold.
  • Candy & Presents - Everyone wears vintage fashions with candy and/or presents as the theme.
  • Vintage Cards - We recreate an outfit based on an old Christmas card.
I'm guessing these won't fly with everyone. With the severe lack of people for my Halloween party, I will help plan the Christmas party, but refuse to host it.  Apparently RSVPing doesn't mean what it used to.

I will be taking part in the 2nd Annual Vintage Secret Santa, hosted by Chronically Vintage!  Last year was fun and I encourage my readers to give it a go!

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