Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Kickstarter Paranormal Project

I have a paranormal project that I am trying to raise funds for.  It's been just over two weeks so far and I can't seem to generate any funds.  I want to take a team out to the location where there is supposed to be a pyramid in Alaska.  As it happens, the only thing people know about it comes from interviews from reporter Linda Moulton-Howe (earthfiles.com).  My fundraising goals are minimal at $4800 - which the majority is just for transportation to and from the pyramid site.  There are no roads to the location (according to maps) and there aren't places to really land a plane, so we have to take a helicopter.

Check out the project: http://kck.st/1TJTp6K

I am completely open to questions on this subject.  Send me an email and I will answer any and all questions!

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