Sunday, January 3, 2016

Goals for the New Year

I was thinking about goals for the new year while out with my mom this morning.  If I make goals for the new year, I like to make them be something totally achievable and I like to plan out how to reach those goals.

I have three goals.

#1 - Get back to eating Paleo.  I have drifted and it's showing.  I'm still a plump size 8 and my jeans are not comfortable...if you get my drift.  When I ate a strict paleo diet, I lost size fairly quickly.  This means, no more little snacks at work unless it's paleo, no more Friday work lunches (they are never paleo), and no more going to my parents' place for dinner (never paleo and way too tempting).  It's me and my trusty crockpot for the next few months!  If you eat paleo and don't mind having the same thing for a few meals, crockpotting is the way to go.  Throw a roast in and you have meat for a week!  Just have to make your veggies.  Before anyone judges, my doctor said that the paleo diet is best to keep my thyroid under control without any drugs (I'm avidly against most pharmaceuticals).

#2 - Lose size, get back to a size 4/6 jeans.  I don't care much about weight because I'm muscular.  I am also sporting a nice new layer of blubber.  I currently am in size 8 jeans and they don't fit well.  I think that if I aim for a size 6 by March and a size 4 by summer, it's reasonable.

#3 - Increase my exercise.  I already go to the gym first thing in the morning and run for 30 minutes.  I get about 4 miles done and I'm totally cool with it.  I'm thinking that maybe I should go to the gym after work and walk for a few miles or something.  I need to figure it out.

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