Monday, February 29, 2016

Retro Fishing Lure Raffle

I'm giving away two of my hand-painted Retro Fishing Lures!  I call these two the Lucky Tiki and the Bel-Air.  This is perfect for those fisherman or fisher-woman in your life.

The raffle starts tomorrow!   If you want, leave me a comment telling me what you like to fish for or what your favorite fish recipe is!

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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

3 Tricks For Dropping Size

These are my 3 tricks for dropping size.  You can't just do these and expect results.  You have to eat well and exercise, BUT these can really help out.

1. Drink at least a half gallon of water a day.

To some, this sounds impossible.  It's not.  I'm sure you've read that the daily recommendation for water is 8 cups...which is a half gallon.  As you can see in my photo above, I am using an old half gallon orange juice jug.  Why is my water yellow?  I have pineapple-coconut crystal light stuff in there - essentially it's just like Mio and found right next to it at the store.  It sure helps me to get my recommended water in for the day.   On top of this, I will usually have coffee and tea...and more water.  Staying hydrated is super important for fat burning, keeping a youthful appearance, and for digestion.

I'm sure that there are prettier half gallon jugs out there, but using the orange juice jug was REALLY inexpensive and it has a handle.

2. My Spicy Lemon Drink

Just about every day I make this spicy lemon drink.  It's supposed to detox the body, boost the immune system, and be a natural anti-fungal.  I like to mix 1/8 tsp Cayenne Pepper (rough estimate), 1-1/2 TBSP Lemon Juice, 1 tsp Raw Honey, and Hot Water into a standard coffee cup.  It's not the best tasting drink in the world, but it helps. says
"Lemon is a natural detoxifier as vitamin C transforms toxins into digestible material. In addition to vitamin C, lemons are also packed with antioxidants and electrolytes including potassium, calcium and magnesium. Lemon is also known to stimulate the liver’s natural enzymes by helping to oxygenate the body.
Cayenne pepper stimulates the circulatory system by opening the capillaries, aids digestion, and helps regulate blood sugar. Furthermore, and very importantly, it increases the temperature of your body and kick-starts your metabolism, which, yes, can help you to lose weight over time. Be sure to always buy non-irradiated cayenne pepper (and all spices) since irradiation negates the health benefits of spices.
To boot, lemons, though acidic, helps neutralize the body’s pH by making it more alkaline. pH imbalance has been attributed to numerous disorders as well as chronic illness. Lemon also stimulates the secretion of gastric juices, aiding the digestion of your breakfast that will follow.
Since proper digestion is absolutely critical to a healthy body, this drink is a great way to set the stage for a day of healthy digestion."

3.  ACV Shot

Apple Cider Vinegar Shots.  I only use Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar for this.  1 or 2 tsp Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with some water (like 2 or 3 oz).  This is potent stuff.  I used to put a little honey or agave in with it, but now I just drink it unsweetened.  Do not keep adding honey.  This is not a sweet drink.  It's vinegary because it's made with vinegar.  Little water, little ACV, and DOWN THE HATCH!!!  I tend to keep the water amount low, so I can just drink this and get it over with.

Why do this?  Let's see what has to say:

Following the old cliché, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away," apples are one of the oldest, most nutritious foods on earth. They are rich in potassium, a mineral many of us are deficient in, and a deficiency that causes old age to creep upon us sooner. Calcium maintains our hard tissues such as bones, and potassium is the equivalent to the body’s soft tissues, keeping the body’s flesh and arteries soft and resilient. Fresh, organic apples are used to make Apple Cider Vinegar, which contains necessary ingredients, such as enzymes, and life-stimulating minerals, mainly potassium, in a natural state. Besides being a natural stimulant for vitality, Apple Cider Vinegar cleanses and restores nutrients to the body so that the body can heal itself.
APPLE CIDER VINEGAR: Helps Remove Body Toxins * Helps Promote a Youthful Body *Helps support a healthy immune system * Helps Maintain Healthy Skin * Helps Control Weight * Improves Digestion and Assimilation * Soothes Tight and Aching Joints and Sore Muscles from exercise * Soothes irritated skin."

These are my three big tricks that I do every day.  When I stop doing them, I notice that it correlates with weight gain...for me.  It might be different for you.

Does anyone have any tips they would like to share?

Monday, February 22, 2016

The Reward System

My goal is to get down to a size 4 pant size.  Along the way, I will give myself 2 items when I reach size 6, then another 2 items when I reach a size 4.  A size 4 also means that I will go through my closet to get rid of larger clothing.  I do this every time I shrink and it feels very empowering.  I do not want to go back up in size, so I won't keep larger size clothing around.

Does anyone else have some sort of reward system that they use?  Tell me about it!

Here are some things that I'm thinking about.  I'm not a size 6 yet, but I'm on my way of getting there and I like to plan things out!

Billion Dollar Baby Dress by Stop Staring!
I love the pink coral color of this dress!  Wouldn't it be fantastic to celebrate your weight loss in something like this?  I think it would be!

Every Opportunity Pant by ModCloth
These just look super comfy.  It would also be great to have a pair of pants that I didn't have to make.  I also like the elastic waist in the back.  That seems super helpful.

Hepburn Robe by Trashy Diva
It might seem silly to get something that you won't wear out of the house, but when I am home, I live in lounge clothes/pajamas.  This would be perfect for me!

Escada Perfume
I'm not really big on perfume, but I love how this smells on me.  Sometimes it's not how you look, but how well you smell.

Now to decide on what items I want.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Vintage Dieting?

I was surfing the web for some vintage dieting files.  I found the following:

Domino Sugar's Diet Plan

One Step Closer

I've decided to start weighing myself every Friday.  This last Friday, I weighed myself after dinner (I realize that you usually want to do it in the morning) and I found that I had lost 4 pounds!  Hurray!

I'm going to keep on doing what I'm doing.  The dreaded running and eating according to my food schedule.

Here is something that I like to have in the mornings.  It's healthy, it's hot, and it's filling.  It's not entirely paleo (the cheese), but I will give way for a tiny bit of cheese here and there.  The recipe below could easily be modified by adding in various veggies and maybe some precooked breakfast sausage.

Broccoli & Cheddar Crustless Quiche
1 cup Broccoli
2 Eggs
1/8 cup Cheddar Cheese
Black Pepper

  1. Preheat oven to 350F.
  2. Dice up the broccoli.
  3. Place the broccoli into a small bowl.
  4. Add in the eggs, cheese, and pepper.  Stir well.
  5. Place into a ramekin.
  6. Bake for 35 minutes.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Fitness Buddy?!

I know it's not a pretty sight.
I am in the middle of dropping size...well, perhaps more like in the beginning stages.  Anyway, I wanted to let you all know that I am using MyFitnessPal (My Profile) in order to track my diet and exercise.  If you would like to add me as a fitness buddy, that would be awesome!  My current goal is to drop 2 pant sizes (down to a size 4).  If you notice, I've added my progress tracker to the sidebar.  You can see my AWFUL picture to the right.  I am currently in size 8 pants and S/M tops. 

What I have done to get myself started is to form a food plan.  I have a hypothyroid problem which I control through maintaining a healthy diet by eating paleo.  When I allow myself to eat non-paleo food I gain weight like crazy.  I've scheduled myself to have a paleo food plan that is super simple.  This might be what you need, it might not be, but I'm going to go over what I'm eating.

In the mornings, I tend to have a protein fruit and veggie smoothie.  I use broccoli, frozen mixed fruit, a banana, protein powder, chia seeds, Green Vibrance powder, and almond milk.  It's quick, easy, and filling.  I also tend to have this most mornings.  If I have something else, it's probably a paleo granola puck (which I make myself - look under recipes) or eggs and veggies.

For lunch, most days, I tend to have 3 oz chicken and broccoli.  I allow myself to have whatever sauce on my chicken, as long as it's soy-free.  This allows for variety.  On the days where I don't have chicken, I have paleo chili or stew.

For dinner, most days I have salad with fruit, seeds, meat, etc.  I also allow myself to have a little bit of dressing - unless I go with my preferred option of apple cider vinegar and olive oil.  Other dinner options are fish and broccoli or some other random paleo meal - like spaghetti squash lasagna which might last a few nights.

I really don't eat a ton of calories.  MyFitnessPal is always telling me to eat more so I can reach at least 1000 calories.  While this may sound like it's not a problem, it certainly is one.  If your body goes into "survival mode" due to a lack of calories, then everything can start turning into fat.    I have some dietary questions about this like "If I eat until I feel full, as in the menu below, but am not reaching 1100 calories every day, do I need to eat more?"  I'm being healthy, I'm eating until I'm full, and frankly, sometimes I forget to feed myself.  Actually, I've started eating dinner between 4-5pm...yes, like a little old lady.  I don't like to eat after 8pm and I feel gross/ill/heavy stomach if I do eat that late.

I also take some vitamins in the morning and I also try to drink at least a half gallon of water everyday.  In order to do this, I am using a half gallon jug that once held orange juice.  I just add two ice cubes and fill with water, sometimes I add in some Mio.  A half gallon of water will give you your recommended daily 8 glasses of water.  This is definitely NOT all I drink.  I'm big on coffee and tea (always black for both).  Staying hydrated is essential for weight-loss and keeping a youthful appearance.

I get cravings for stuff.  This morning all I wanted was a crueller or a dozen cruellers.  I didn't go to a store to get one.  My natural response to cravings is to have something to drink.  When I was a teen, I used to give into my cravings, then I realized that I really wasn't hungry - usually I get cravings when I'm bored.

I do eat the occasional dessert.  I really like Coconut Bliss ice cream.  I think it's superior to So Delicious coconut milk ice cream, BUT So Delicious makes a great cashew milk ice cream (try the cappuccino flavor!).  I don't have this often.  If I have anything as a dessert, it's usually a piece of fruit like an apple or pear.  Pan-fried apple slices are excellent and taste like apple pie!  Sometimes I make paleo cookies and have one or two of them with some tea.

I like to workout.  I love lifting weights and combative sports (kickboxing, taekwondo, boxing, etc).  I don't do them right now.  I do what I absolutely hate to do...I run.  I get up at 4am, drink a cup of coffee, and go to Planet Fitness to run for 30 minutes.  I do it because I want a smaller ass.  I do it because I want to get into those size 4 jeans that I still have from a few years ago.  I do it because it works for me.

When I do anything else, I tend to get muscle build up under whatever fat I have on my body, but that fat never seems to go away.  It's a major pain in the ass.  I've decided that I can always pick up weightlifting or something once I reach my target body size.

My reward for running is being able to tan at the gym and sit on my ass later in the day to write, without hating myself for being lazy.  I do this five days a week.  I don't think I could get myself to run any more than that.  Shoot, I've cried for having to run a mile outside instead of on the elliptical at the gym.  God, I hate running.

Again, if you are on MyFitnessPal (website and app), then find me HERE and add me as a friend!  Also, let me know if you want to share recipes and stuff.  Maybe a facebook group?  I don't know.  Leave me a comment!

I love to hear opinions and questions!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Where To Find Rockabilly Pants

I've heard from a lot of people, who like to comment on my style, that they couldn't do rockabilly because they would have to wear a dress or skirt all the time.  I want to say "That's really not true".  I want to prove it by showing everyone some keen places to buy some pants. $59.99 Every Opportunity Pants $59.99 Go For Bold Pants $49.99 Jive Got That Feeling Pants $62 High-Waisted Shorts $82 Capri Pants $82 Deadly Dames Cigarette Pants $128 Doris Pants £45.98 Swing Trousers £46.98 Denim Swing Trousers $54 Hot Time Pants €85.00 Amberlin Lou Wide Pants €72.50 Rayna Lou Pants €67.50 Katherine Hepburn Wide Pants
These are just a few that are available for purchase.  There's also nothing wrong with a pair of straight-leg jeans with a rolled cuff!  You can find those jeans at most shopping places.

If you're more of a homemade pants person, or want to give it a go, here are some patterns that you should look for.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Essential Music...To Be Like Me

I got dressed on a Sunday!  Lol
I listen to a wide variety of music.  Am I often asked about music?  By friends.

I thought I'd give you guys a list of 50 Essential Music (albums)...if you ever want to be just like me!

  1. Bloody Kisses by Type O Negative
  2. The B-52's by The B-52's
  3. Crackle by Bauhaus
  4. Dummy by Portishead
  5. The Crow Soundtrack
  6. The Crow: City of Angels Soundtrack
  7. Batman Forever Soundtrack
  8. Mortal Kombat Soundtrack
  9. Pirates of The Caribbean Soundtracks (all of them)
  10. SwordfishTrombone by Tom Waits
  11. Mezzanine by Massive Attack
  12. So Tonight That I Might See by Mazzy Star
  13. The Very Best of Cole Porter by Cole Porter & Various
  14. Diamond Dogs by David Bowie
  15. Changes by David Bowie
  16. The Best of... by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
  17. Inland Empire Soundtrack
  18. Spiritchaser by Dead Can Dance
  19. Holy Diver by Dio
  20. Cosmic Wheels by Donovan
  21. Director's Cut by Fantomas
  22. The Pleasure Principle by Gary Numan
  23. Smashes, Thrashes, & Hits! by Kiss
  24. Godlike by KMFDM
  25. Wurst by KMFDM
  26. Physical Graffiti by Led Zeppelin
  27. Mechanical Animals by Marilyn Manson
  28. Downward Spiral by Nine Inch Nails
  29. Thriller by Michael Jackson
  30. Bad by Michael Jackson
  31. Play by Moby
  32. Greatest Essentials Hits by Neil Young
  33. Dead Man Soundtrack
  34. The Ozzman Cometh by Ozzy Osbourne
  35. Purple Rain Soundtrack
  36. Floodland by Sisters of Mercy
  37. First & Last & Always by Sisters of Mercy
  38. Bone Machine by Tom Waits
  39. Big Hits and Nasty Cuts by Twisted Sister
  40. Elvis' Golden Records by Elvis Presley
  41. Grease Soundtrack
  42. Wayne's World Soundtrack
  43. The Essentials by Roy Orbison
  44. Flamingo Serenade by The Flamingos
  45. Goin' Back To New Orleans by Dr.John
  46. Blues Brothers Soundtrack
  47. Peer Gynt by Grieg
  48. The Nutcracker Suite by Tchaikovsky
  49. Mood Indigo by Duke Ellington
  50. Greatest Hits by Teresa Brewer

Thursday, February 11, 2016

A Busy Bee

Lately, I have been busy with things.  I’m sorry readers.  I have been writing, editing, doing layouts, etc for a small publication I’m about to send off to the printers called the APN Quarterly (Alaska Paranormal Network Quarterly).  It’s a little pet project of mine and, THIS TIME, I’m actually sending it out to be professionally printed.  I pretty much wrote everything in the damn thing.  I even drew up the cover, which I think looks pretty catchy.  What do you think?

I’ve been preparing myself to make some changes.  I do this every few months because I am always trying to better myself.  Here are the changes I’m ready to make:
  • Eat Healthy with NO CHEATING
  • Workout MORE
  • Go down a pant size or two because I don’t feel healthy with my current size
  • Finish my current screenplay and workshop the shit out of it
  • Get through grad school and find a job worthy of me, not the other way around.

I am looking for some like-minded people.  Do I have any readers who want to support each other for eating right, working out more often, and being creative?  We can workshop writing, critique art, post sewing tips….whatever.  Leave me a message in the comments if you are interested.  We can set something up on facebook.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Writing Process

When I write my screenplays and fiction, I tend to have certain usual processes that I always use to develop my work.  I wasn't asked about my specific writing processes, but I thought I would share.

1. Visualize - I have a constant visualization of my story in my head.  Its like a movie and I am the person who conveys what I see onto paper.  It is also a super awesome way to revise a scene before I even fully write anything down.

2. Cast It - I don't care if I am writing a poem, a novel, or a screenplay...I cast it with players in my mind.  I find that it helps me find character voices, expression, movement, etc.  Obviously, this is what happens naturally with spec scripts, but it works for everything else.

3. Drawing & Pinterest - I draw out my characters, even if they are the plainest people in the world. I like the physical visual.  I also use pinterest to help with character creation.  I use to do a journal collage, but pinterest is so much easier.  These processes allow me a break from writing while still maintaining my focus.

4. Story Playlist - You better believe that I have a playlist going for each story I am working on.  It helps me "enter the zone".  Also, I think that if your character is listening to Neil Young, you need to be listening to Neil Young too.

5. Dreams and Meditation - I take a lot of stuff from dreams and meditations.  This also includes day dreaming and "shower meditations" ( aka thinking in the shower).  Never underestimate your inner workings.

6. Notebook - I travel with a notebook and a writing utensil.  If I don't write something in regards to my current story, then I write one full page ( front and back) of something...anything really.  This includes lists and story notes.

7. Actual Writing - I spend less time on actual writing than all of the other stuff combined.  If you have everything in your mind, all you have to do is sit and write.  It sounds easier than it is.

8. Revising - I am constantly going back through my work in order to revise.  I might spend a day writing 20 pages, but the next week reading it and adding some underlying subplots.  Everyone does this, don't worry.

If you have any questions about my writing process or writing in general, please let me know.