Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Camp X & WWII Secrets

Lately, I have been finding myself gravitating towards WWII "secret" stuff.  I've always been interested in UFOs and the occult during WWII, which you can find quite a few documentaries on, but I recently watched (via Netflix) WWII Spy School, a documentary on Camp X.  Camp X was a Canadian-based training camp for spies (for England, Canada, and USA).  It is super fascinating!

Through Amazon, I was able to get the Camp X training manual and a "how-to" combat manual by the head combat trainer for Camp X, W.E. Fairbairn.  I haven't started reading these yet because I don't want to deter myself from the cookbook I'm putting together.  I have a feeling that these might just inspire some kind of spy story.

Here is the official Camp X Website.  You can visit and go on tours if you're visiting Whitby, Ontario, Canada (go to Intrepid Park on Boundary Road).

I would love to have a vintage Camp X crest.  If you see something on ebay or etsy (etc) let me know!  I wonder if anyone sells replicas.  I can't find anything online, but I haven't looked too hard.

I grew up absorbing heavy influences from my dad and grandpa (his dad) - not to disregard my mom's influence, but I'm looking at my dad in particular right now.  My grandpa was in the military for a little bit (wasn't everyone's?) in the Army Air Corp.  He was born in 1926, so he wasn't able to sign up until 1944 (age of 18).  He wasn't allowed to sign up at the age of 16, when he graduated high school (super smart guy), despite being very proficient in sports, because he couldn't meet the height and weight requirements.  I'm told that he set some shooting records during his training in Alabama, before returning to the PacNW (Tacoma, WA - was where he was from) to be a parachute rigger.  He joined his mom up in Fairbanks, Alaska around 1949.  He found his way into Local 375, plumbers and pipefitters union, eventually becoming a mechanical contractor.

I get my love of jelly beans, jelly fruit slices, whiskey, fishing, smokehouse almonds, ambrosia salad, etc from my grandpa.  If only he would have helped with my trigonometry homework 17 years ago when I was in 11th grade.  I might be a whole different breed of creative person with a science degree.

My dad was lucky enough to not be drafted for Vietnam.  He was born in 1953 and was heavily influenced by the Beatles and Rolling Stones, along with classical music and jazz.  Doing what his dad did, he is a mechanical contractor with a degree from Cal Poly.  Interestingly, he went to Cal Poly at the same time Weird Al Yankovic was also attending.  They didn't know each other, but my dad saw him play on campus a few times.  My dad gave me a love for James Bond movies, more fishing, shooting (he hunts birds), etc.  If I'm going to sit down and watch a spy movie, my dad is the first person I ask to join me.  We just really like that kind of stuff.

4 fingers, from my animation days.
This WWII "secret" stuff that I came across made me think of my dad and grandpa.  I should probably talk about my mom's parents at some point, but that will have to wait for another post.

I've spent the last few days, especially with that new incident in Brussels (OMG!  Another one!), thinking about an upcoming WWIII.  I admit that I feel like it is going to happen sooner than later.  Is it going to be a war that people want to get behind?  I mean, it was a big YES for WWI, WWII, and the Cold War, but the other wars.....meh.  I feel no need or duty to sign up for the military.  If a war was to pop up, it could be against ISIS.  Does ISIS have a figurehead to target?  Not that I know of.

I don't think America is ready for a war.  Have you met these new millennials?  I was born in 1982 and I cannot relate to these jerks at all. To the right, I have a quick sketch of my interpretation of the "Millennial Attitude" - don't care, focused on social media, a hand out for whatever they feel entitled to, and a desire for a bland but comfortable lifestyle without having to put in much effort.  On the complete opposite side of what I just finished saying, it is possible that WWIII might be exactly what is needed to turn these millennials into working people, instead of trust fund or wanna-be trust fund kids.

I'm not going to leave this on a sour note, so I'll share an idea that I had.

I think it would be fabulous to have a WWII-themed rockabilly gathering.  Instead of going more with 50s, aim for the 40s.  I'm not even sure what would go on, but I think it could be immensely fun!

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