Friday, March 4, 2016

Friday Finds

It's Friday and I have decided to post some of my favorite recent finds.  I know that a lot of bloggers post products to buy.  Here, I have a selection of products, recipes, and patterns.

Cheesecake Bars with Wine Gelee
These scrumptious looking cheesecake bars with wine gelee can be found at blog Sweet & Savory.  I found it on pinterest.  I think these look fantastic!  They're so striking with the contrast of cheesecake and wine gelee.  I want to have a cocktail party just so I can make these.

Taro Brand Poi Powder
On my paleo diet, I cannot have potatoes of any kind - including sweet potato (my body doesn't like sweet potato).  I can totally have a little taro every now and then.  You can find this at Taro Brand.  The magic of taro, a high-vitamin root tuber, is that if you pound the crap of out of it (it's naturally white) then it will turn a delightful purple color.  This powder is pulverized dehydrated taro - so it's purple.  Poi has it's own flavor, but most people think it's a bit flavorless.  I like to make a Paleo Hawaiian Pudding using this stuff.

Paleo Hawaiian Pudding
1 can Coconut Milk
8oz can Crushed Pineapple
2 TBSP Poi Powder
1/2 cup Water
3 TBSP Chia Seeds
2 TBSP Agave or Honey

1. Mix the poi powder and water together.  Heat as directed on the packaging using the microwave.
2. In a tupperware container mix together the coconut milk, pineapple, chia seeds, and sweetener.
3. As soon as the poi is ready, gently mix it in.
4. Let this set up in the fridge for at least an hour, or until it's thick.  Eat!

Tiki Joe from Tiki Farm
I have a deep love for Hawaii and tiki culture.  If you've reading my blog for awhile then you know this.  These mugs each hold 16oz of hot java for your early morning caffeine kick.  These are called Tiki Joe and you can find them at Tiki Farm.  Why don't I have these yet?

The Atomic Bombshell from Red Herring Games
I've been wanting to host a super fun cocktail party and I thought "why not make it a murder mystery party?"  I've been surfing the web, trying to find some interesting ones that the local kats might get into.  There's this one: The Atomic Bombshell (Red Herring Games) set in the 50s, Putting on The Blitz (Red Herring Games) set in the 40s, WWII: Operation Bulldog (Host-Party) set in the 40s, Death of a Volunteer (Host-Party) set in 1944, Destination Pacific Paradise (Host-Party) set in 1959, The Railburn Affair (Host-Party) set in 1936, A Luau To Die For (MyMurderMystery) no set time period, and Murder at the Bloodstone Sanitarium (MyMurderMystery) no set time frame.  There are several others out there, but these are just my top choices.

I recently bought this dress pattern and I just purchased fabric to make dress style B.  A lot of people have been calling this the "Agent Carter" pattern.  I will have to post pictures when I finish.  You can find it at Simplicity.

I keep tabs on retro patterns which you can follow on pinterest (click here).  Going through the new patterns for spring 2016, I found this delightful one from Butterick - B6340.  This would be perfect for men (especially) and for women (if you are able to modify it) for a 1940s pant, or a suit for men.  This is one of those rare, awesome men's patterns, so get it while you can!  I want to mention that my great-grandmother (Jessie Anderson) often wore a pair of jodhpurs when she was out fishing or boating or camping.  In fact, I have a clip from an old home movie of her cooking outside.  Maybe it will inspire some 1940s style.  Readers, you are the first to see this clip, aside from my family, in about 60 years.

Crab-Stuffed Snow Peas
I found this through pinterest.  It was posted via Taste of Home.  I think these would be a great appetizer for a cocktail party.

Tea Sandwiches
With all of my searching for cocktail party ideas, I decided to look up tea sandwiches.  I don't have a particular link for a specific recipe, but here are a few that I thought sounded delicious: Classic cucumber, smoked salmon-dilled mayo-arugula, nutella-banana, egg salad, shrimp salad, open blt, turkey-cranberry-arugula, and cream cheese-cucumber-caviar.  I like the idea of having a few sweet sandwiches thrown in with the savory ones.  Tea sandwiches, in case you are curious, are cut small (to be eaten in two bites) and are designed to be a snack instead of a meal.  This is why most tea sandwiches are thin.  Popular sandwich shapes are triangle, long rectangles, or shapes cut with a cookie cutter.

Every Opportunity Pants by ModCloth
I love these Every Opportunity Pants by ModCloth.  I'm working my butt off - figuratively and literally - so I can reward myself with buying a pair.  They run about $60.  In Alaska, we sure love our pants, as you might imagine.  I think these will pair nicely with all of my blouses.  These are high on my "soon to buy" list.

Martini Mermaid Wristlet by Miss Fluff
I've been looking for a new wallet.  I think the Martini Mermaid Wristlet by Miss Fluff over at FluffShop is super cute.  It's $39 and you can even carry your phone in it.  There is an actual wallet, but I like how the wristlet is a little more contained.

WWII USA WAC Shoes by SM Wholesale
OMG!  Women's WWII USA WAC Reproduction Shoes?!  They're $129 and can be found at SM Wholesale.  I totally want these.  They also have a nice selection for men.  There is also some British and German options, aside from the USA options.  You can find uniforms and various other WWII stuff there!  High quality and even some "made for Hollywood".

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