Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, Readers!  For a lot of people, this is a religious holiday.  For me, it's a celebration of spring!  I find that Easter is a great time to start seeds and I often give/receive a potted flower.  This year my mom got me a fragrant muscari flower.  Below I have my plants.  Don't let the snow outside fool you.  It's almost gone and I think it's 35F to 40F.  That might sound chilly to you, but things around here are melting!

R to L: Muscari flower, coffee bush (on tiki stand), and polka dot plant (pink and green leaves).

R to L: Bamboo, Crown of Thorns, Cantaloupe, and tray with flowering vines (black-eyed Susans and morning glories).

R to L: Radishes, Heirloom Tomatoes, and Mixed Beets.
What traditions do you have for Easter?  Aside from giving each other plants and getting seeds started, we always have a family dinner (me, my parents, my sister and her family of 6).  We usually have some sort of Easter candy floating around too.  I have a godiva chocolate bunny.  I made an icebox cake for dinner tonight...and for my cookbook.  Okay, so it's more for my cookbook than anything.

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