Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Let The Cooking Begin!

I will be as moody as Donald in the kitchen.
I'm to the point in creating a cookbook where I have to start making photo-worthy food.  Since I'm lucky enough to have my parents as neighbors, I have informed them that the time is nigh.  I will definitely need some help consuming everything over the next few weeks.  I have decided to start with some easy, fast foods.  Today is egg and gelatin day!

I ran to the store after the gym this morning and got everything I needed.  I spent this morning watching the newest episode of Gotham (so much happiness!  Paul Rubens as Penguin's dad!!!), making gelatins, and getting some eggs hard-boiled.

I am not finished writing out all of my recipes, but I'm getting there.  I figure, if I can knock out the breakfast items and the desserts by the end of the month, then I'm doing pretty good.

I want to emphasize how important this phase is to the cookbook.  There are five major reasons why this is the most crucial step to a cookbook.

  1. It allows you to double-check your recipes and make any adjustments.
  2. Photos of food is always a major plus for a cookbook, and this means proper plating and excellent food photography.
  3. Tasting the food you are about to unleash on the world is very important.  If you won't eat it, why would other people eat it?
  4. Cooking for better writing.  While you're in the midst of cooking, you might say "I'll use the word 'blossom' when describing gelatin".  You'll find that you might want to adjust your terminology accordingly.
  5. Notes and tips.  I find that while I can come up with notes and tips while sitting at a computer, I will come up with notes and tips (even more) while I'm in the process of cooking.  This also goes for describing the process of creating items like: it will look like THIS, then after a minute of vigorous whisking it will look that THAT, and after you stir in A you will end up with it looking like THIS.
I am hoping that this cookbook really opens things up for me.  I have a few more cookbooks in mind after I get done with this one.  I am really looking forward to having a finished product and hearing feedback from people.  I will probably hold some sort of cookbook giveaway, but that will be discussed in the future when I'm finished writing.  For right now, it's just me working on a cookbook full of vintage-inspired recipes for daily living!

I wouldn't be opposed to having someone design a cover for me.  I can always do it myself, but I'm willing to help someone get their name out there.  If you think you might be up for the task, send me an EMAIL.  Tell me about yourself, send me to your portfolio site, that sort of thing.  What I'll do is send you the size of the front and back cover and ask for a quick 5 cover sketches, in color.  Use pencil, use marker, use paint, use photoshop...I don't care.  If I like something, I will choose you, if I am just not jiving with you then I'll say "Maybe next time".  Yes, I can pay for final art.  Send me an email.

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