Saturday, March 5, 2016

Making Progress

I've been making a little progress with my fat-loss.  Weight-wise, I haven't shifted too much.  I've lost about 1.5" on my hips and 0.25" on my waist.  I'll be the first to admit that I could be more active.  I try to get to the gym 5 days a week, but this last week only made it in 3 times due to sinus issues.

One thing that just bothers me to no end is that I did crossfit and taekwondo for a year, still gained size.  I know I have thyroid issues, but how crazy is that?  I know I have a solid muscle core under the flab.  This is one reason why I stick to cardio-only right now.  If you have a similar issue, just know that I totally feel your pain.

I haven't dropped a ton of fat yet, but with what I have dropped, I've noticed that my serratus muscles are starting to show via pronounced dimples.  The serratus muscles weave into your ribs.  When I was a size 4, they weren't super pronounced, but they were there.

One thing I like to make as a dessert while I'm losing weight is sugar-free jello or homemade gelatin (takes a little more effort).  Last night I prepared black cherry jello with red cherries.

I highly recommend jello to get you past any dessert cravings.

Currently, my measurements are: 36-30.75-43.75

I'm short person at 5'3", but I wear I have muscle under my fat.  I bet people say that all the time.  My goal is to lose the fat and prove it.  I want to say that I have never liked the BMI system.  I think it's an antiquated POS.  According to it, I am currently obese.  When I was a size 4, I was still considered obese by BMI standards.  I am a heavy person, like a concrete ball that is surprisingly heavy for it's size.

What do you think of the BMI?  How do you get past your dessert cravings?  Any suggestions for extra workouts?


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