Tuesday, March 8, 2016

New Shirt

I made a shirt from a dress pattern.  I used Butterick 5846, which is actually quite a cute pattern for a 1940s dress.  I like the fit, so I made a shirt.

I didn't cut out the skirt portion.  I did extend the top  by about 7", as well as extend the pleat.

One thing I should have done is add a little extra to the arms since my upper arms are a bit thick, but it will work.  Luckily, I used some spare suiting polyester for the shirt, so it has a little stretch to it due to the weave - not due to a percentage of elastane or spandex.

The best things about this top is that I can reach overhead with out stressing the fabric, it's comfortable, and busty people can fit into this.  If you know a thing or two about sewing, it wouldn't be hard to alter this pattern for the bustier woman.
I'm actually pairing this with a black cardigan and black/coral heels from Ruby Shoo.

What do you think?


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