On The Job Front

I applied for three jobs that don't seem like they would suck.  There was a weird job at the newspaper, a park ranger, and a librarian job.  I fee like I'm beating a dead horse.  I've applied for these types of jobs multiple times before and have never received a call back.  I hope this time it's different.

I was informed that my uncle is going to sell his house and might need a place to stay.  My dad has offered up my apartment while my mom is avidly against it.  This means I would be kicked out.  I've been looking at places to rent around here and it's not looking good.  I need a place where I can have a dog and those pretty much start at $950/mo.

Maybe I should just find a job in another state and just move.  I can get rid of everything and just move.  I'll just take the essentials.

Any tips on good places to move to where there are jobs and not terrible rent?