Saturday, March 12, 2016

Product Review: Hats In The Belfry

Belfry Kay
I ordered myself a black and green fedora, the Belfry Kay, from Hats In The Belfry.  I'm not the biggest hat wearer, but I think it looks classy if you are on the go and have a lovely hat.  It's one part of the vintage life that I really have neglected.

I received my hat in the mail within a few days of ordering it.  When you live in Alaska, that's a big deal and a super bonus!

I was surprised by the softness of the hat.  Some hats are hard or don't feel nice, but this one is lovely!  I tried it on and it fits.  This was  concern of mine since my head is big.  There is an elastic drawstring on the inside of the hat, in case a wearer needs to make it fit.

The Belfry Kay was on sale for $37.00, but originally it is listed for $49.00.  I think that's a pretty fair price for a nice hat.

I wore the hat today with an oatmeal heather blouse I made and black linen trousers that I also made.

Before I finish this product review, I want to share my top 5 hat pics from Hats In The Belfry.  These five other hats are awesome and retro.  I want to share that if you want an "Agent Carter" red fedora, you can find one at Hats In The Belfry. *wink*

Broner Floppy Fedora - 40's inspired.  I love that blue!
Belfry Goon Fedora.  Basic and classic!
Betmar Demetria.  This would be darling with beachwear!
Giovannio Studded Pill Box.  For the classy lady!
Grace Claudette - 40's inspired cloche.  Sophisticated!

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