Monday, March 7, 2016

Razzmatazz Hair

My goal is to have Bettie Page hair!
I didn't know what to call this, so Razzmatazz Hair it is!  It was the first thing that came to mind.

On my "sluggish, lazy" days...those days where I just make sure I have pants and some kind of shirt on, I tend to put my hair into two coiled buns that sit behind my ears.  This is how I devised this little hair shortcut.  I suppose I should start by telling you about my type of hair.  I have medium hair and LOTS of it - so it's thick.  I have never been to a stylist where they didn't say anything about how thick my hair is or how much hair I have.  I have a little bit of natural wave to my hair - thanks to some Greek heritage.  It tends to be super frizzy, curls fall out super easy (why?!), and it doesn't straighten easily (why?!).  It always takes some care to get it under control.

Since I now I have Bettie Bangs, I can't just throw my hair into a roll(s).  I did the bangs to get myself to do more with wearing my hair down.

Here are my 4 coiled buns.

The Razzmatazz
1. Part your hair down the center, into two parts.
2. Part each of these two parts again, so you have 4 parts.
3. Twist each section until the hair wants to coil up on itself, then wrap into a cylindrical bun and secure with a hair tie. (see above)
4. Take a shower and try not to get your hair wet.  This is crucial.  If you can't shower, spritz with water - very lightly.  Use a spray bottle filled with water.  You want the steam and light moisture to help set your hair.
5. Allow to air dry.  The longer the better
6. Undo the coiled buns and run your fingers through it.  Voila!

30 min after my shower
I did this at night.  One of my biggest problems is that I can't wear curlers to bed because I go to the gym.  I'm afraid running for 30 minutes would just make curlers fall out.  I can, however, throw my hair up into these coiled buns and go to the gym.  I tend to shower at the gym, then tan.  By the time I get home, have some coffee, get dressed, have a protein hair is ready to go!  This is definitely one way to go for the girl-on-the-go.

So this is a picture of last night's hair-do.  Since I am posting this on a Monday morning, I am also posting Monday morning's hair-do since my hair is up for a longer period of time in these coil buns.  Last night, you could estimate my hair being up for almost an hour, about 50 minutes.  The longer you let your hair stay in the buns, the better the results.

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