Friday, April 1, 2016

Friday Finds

Another post of Friday Finds.  Sometimes on Friday, I will post "Friday Finds".  This time I have 7 lovelies for you AND a sewing challenge!

1. Damson Blouse by Lindy Bop
This cute blouse is only $34 and comes in Eau de Nil (green), Navy, Red Polka Dot, and a Blue Kitten print.  This is something I'd wear to work or around town.  I'd pair it with trousers or a skirt.

2. Dorothy Wedges by Rocket Originals
The Dorothy Wedges come in Brown, Yellow, and Green.  I think these would be great for summer!  They will cost you $112.80.  I have purchased sweaters from Rocket Originals and I love them!

3. Turban by Sur La Tete @ The Village Hat Shop
Have you ever wanted to try a turban?  The regular price for this is $21.95, but it's on sale right now.  It also comes in 11 different colors!

4. Retro Gas Pump Drink Dispenser @ Home Wet Bar
This regularly costs $46.00, but is on sale.  I think it could be perfect for a retro home bar or a retro man cave.

5. Kit-Kat Gentleman Clock
This classic 50s clock, with moving eyes and tail, costs $49.99.  You can actually get this in the regular size or a smaller "kitty" size, female or male, and in a variety of colors!

6. Scottie Dog Soap by Gianna Rose Atelier
These are just cute guest soaps.  My grandpa always had some sort of decorative guest soap.  These Gianna Rose Atelier soaps comes in a variety of shapes, including plain monogrammed bars.  This Scottie Dog Soap is a 5.5oz bar that costs $24.00.

7. Various Switchblade Stuff.
I came across quite a few switchblade items.  The image above is from Home Wet Bar and is a pearl-handled "switchpop" bottle opener.  It runs for $19.95, but is on sale for $17.95.  Looking around the internet, I found some other fun switchblade stuff at Archie McPhee: Hair Comb, Mustache Comb, and Spork.  I also found a Switchblade Pen keychain from Halloween FX.

Mustache Comb

Foodie Sewing Challenge!
I'm going to make myself some sort of food-inspired dress.  This means that I'm going to find a food-print fabric to use.  I'm thinking maybe lemons, but I'm not sure yet.  I have a couple of new patterns, so I have to figure out what I want to make.  If you want to join in, let me know!  Make a shirt, make a dress, make a skirt....whatever you want!  Keep it retro or vintage-inspired.

To help inspire you, here are 8 swanky prints from

Cherries on Aqua Polka Dot

Lovely Peaches

Red Apples

Pink Holiday Cocktails


Retro Soda Shop

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