Friday, April 8, 2016

Friday Finds

Have I found some cool things for Friday Finds?   Why yes, yes I have.

Inside Camp X by Lynn-Philip Hodgson
This book can be found on Amazon.  It's all about the WWII spy training camp in Canada - which the Canadians, British, and Americans used.  If you are really into spy stuff, check this out!!!

Pretty Love Birds Brooch   $26.00
Whatanovelidea, on Etsy, sells a bunch of cool pieces like this one.  I highly recommend checking out what their listings!  This could really spice up your office wear.

Hana Skirt by Red Dress Shoppe, $45
The Red Dress Shoppe always has great deals on cute reproduction clothing.  I have a few items from the store that I wear at work all the time.  With summer coming up, this skirt would be a humdinger with white sandals.

Hollywood Jacket by Lansky Bros, $395
I don't post a lot of stuff for guys, but this one needs to be put out there.  Elvis did most of his clothes shopping at Lanksy Bros.  Now they have a whole Elvis section.

Long Sleeve 1947 Dress by J.Peterman Company, $159.00
If you're wondering where you might have heard of the J.Peterman Company, think "Seinfeld".  Elaine worked as a copywriter for the company.  My mom gets the catalog and they always have some cool retro things.  Not just for women.

Vintage Football Coach Sweater, 1950s by J.Peterman Company, $129
The J.Peterman Company also has plenty of men's wear.

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