Friday, April 22, 2016

Happy Earth Day!

April 22 is Earth Day in the USA.

It's wonderful that it is on a Friday!  This evening the majority of us can get out, enjoy nature, and do our part to maintain our little slice of life.

Why not have a quick Earth Day party with some friends tonight?  If I was able to swing it with people, I would have Cocktails n' Gardening.  We could do a little gardening and have some cocktails....or talk about gardening, have some cocktails, and sit around chit-chatting (more realistically).

Since I'm not having a party tonight, I will probably end up helping my parents get a load of compost from the city, and we will shovel that into the dog yard to help level it out and to spruce up the grass.   Maybe I'll pick up some wine or something and have my own Earth Day celebration.

Where I live, we have a separate Clean-Up Day.  As you can see by the poster, this year it's on May 7th.  People spend the day picking up trash and litter from along the roads and around homes and businesses.  If you live in a place that spends part of the year with a blanket of snow, you know how much garbage and stuff can be left over when it all melts.  Alaskans - at least in Fairbanks - are usually pretty conscious about this and we prefer to keep our city clean.

What are your plans for Earth Day?

Just for grins I scoured pinterest for an Earth Day drink and this is the greatest thing I found.  Earth Day Smoothies.

Here is the link to these healthy, delicious smoothies.

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