Friday, April 29, 2016

Revitalizing My Drive For Dropping Size

The only soldier I like
I was watching Captain America, yet again, last night when I told myself "That's what I want to look like".  Not Captain America, but a superhero.  I've always thought that, but sometimes you just need to hear yourself say it again.  I would love to be in such good shape that I could join the Avengers or SHIELD or something.

I've had some allergy attacks lately - thank you spring!  It's going away and the zyrtec is really starting to kick some butt.  When it comes to allergy season, it really makes it hard to run because it is hard to breathe.

I need to run, even though I despise it.  I also need to come up with something to make me burn this fat faster!

When I get home, I'm like a lump - I won't deny it.  I will sew, write, cook, clean, and do stuff around the house, but exercise is not something I do at my house.  I prefer to go somewhere - to the gym, to a class, etc.  As a home-body, I find too many distractions and things to do at my house.  I might have to switch that up though.  Maybe pound the ol' punching bag, jump rope, etc.


I got my vintage 1940s dressing gown in today!  Unfortunately, I can only get up-to-my-elbow in the 3/4 sleeves.  Do I alter it or do I resell it?  I might resell it.  If you read my Sew-Time Wednesday, you'll know that I have issues with sleeves.  They looked loose and roomy in the photos.   *sigh*  I'll edit this post after work and put in a picture or two.

On the plus side, I was able to pick up my new prescriptions today!  Glasses and sunglasses.  I picked them up at Image Optical.  They liked the cat-eyes on me so much, they snapped some photos for their facebook page!
OGI sparkly glasses
Ray-Ban Clubmasters

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