Monday, May 16, 2016

10 Food Tips for Losing Size

When it comes to getting into that exercising frame of mind, some of us start having trouble in the food department which can spell disaster.  Pizza and ice cream sure sound good sometimes, right?  Here are 10 food tips that can REALLY help you out.

1. Marilyn Monroe's Morning Health Drink
Marilyn Monroe liked to stay healthy with exercise and good eating.  In the mornings she loved to have warm milk with two eggs whipped in.  Want to eat like Marilyn?  Here is a link to her eating habits.

2. Jell-O
I tend to get the sugar-free Jell-O since I'm not supposed to eat sugar.  Jell-O is great for dessert.  You can make it as plain gelatin or with fruit added.  Jell-O has been a long-time "diet food" because it's low-calorie.

3. Fruit & Veggie Protein Smoothie
This is one that I do almost every morning that I work out.  I add fruit and veggies, protein powder, and either grapefruit juice or almond milk into the blender to make a smoothie.  I really like banana, broccoli, and berries.  Another combo that's really good is banana (I use a banana in all my smoothies), berries, and V8 juice.  Be weary of "smoothies" from coffee shops.  They are usually NOT healthy for you and packed full of sugar.  Even Jamba Juice adds extra sugar to their stuff.  It's always best to make these yourself.

4. Adventurous Vegetables!
Get on pinterest and start looking up vegetable recipes!  Be adventurous with your food and try new things!  You might want to try some grilled cabbage or autumn mashed acorn squash or a new type of salad combination.  Eating more vegetables will definitely help you out; being adventurous with your food will just make it all the better.

5. Simple isn't Bad
You don't have to go out of your way to make exciting dishes all the time.  Sometimes meatloaf and broccoli or salad with protein is all you really need.  You will drive yourself nuts by over-focusing on food.  Let yourself have some go-to simple meals.  I would suggest having some beef dishes, some chicken dishes, and a seafood dish up your sleeve.  If I have no idea what I want for dinner, I tend to make meatloaf, baked chicken, baked fish, or make a meat soup (that sounds weird, but like Chicken & Veggie soup).

A full gallon a day is pretty hardcore

6. Drink a Half-Gallon of Water
Whoa!  What?  A Half-Gallon?  Are you nuts?!  I run around work with a half-gallon jug of water - usually flavored by Mio or something equivalent.  It's recommended that you drink 8 cups of water a day, which happens to be a half-gallon.  If you don't normally drink water, then a half-gallon is going to be mind-blowing.  Honestly, I usually blast through my water during work AND get through a few cups of coffee.  After work, I tend to drink more water and either tea or coffee.  Being dehydrated can halt the weight-loss, so remain hydrated!   It only counts if it's water.  Half-gallon or bust!

7. Dessert Alternatives
I can hear it now: "Oh God!  First a half-gallon of water and now dessert 'alternatives'?  Just kill me!"  Would I purposefully steer you wrong?  No.  I want to suggest baked fruit.  Above I have pictures of baked peaches and some kind of hot fruit bake.  Essentially what you do is slice up your fruit, toss it with some honey (or your preferred sweetener) and spices, and bake it until it's hot.  This is delicious and it tastes a bit like pie filling.     Another alternative is Coconut Bliss non-dairy ice cream.  Coconut Bliss uses a coconut-base (duh, right?).  I prefer it to other brands of non-dairy ice cream.  I'm not saying eat it everyday or even a full pint in one sitting, but if you have a hankering for ice cream, it's a great alternative.  OR  you can have some with some baked fruit!  That would be awesome!

8. Allow Yourself Small Pleasures
I was just having a conversation about this very thing with my sister.  If you are making the big attempt to eat right and reduce your sugars and carbs and blah blah blah, tell yourself that it's okay to have various sauces and whatnot.  Just keep it to a minimal level.  I'm talking about stuff like honey mustard, A1 sauce, worchestshire sauce, ketchup, bbq sauce, etc.  Don't gloop it on, just use like a tablespoon of it.  It will keep you sane and not so over-focused on food.  If you want to really cut out the bad stuff, try these:  Instead of soy sauce, use Bragg's Amino Acids.   Try using Walden Farms dressings and sauces which are calorie free.  Instead of sugar, try using agave nectar or honey.

9. Nutritionist's Opinion
Some folks are into going to the doctor.  I'm not one of them.  I can count on one hand the number of times I've been to the doctor in the last ten years.  One reason why I went to the doctor (natural medicine doctor) was to figure out why I wasn't able to lose weight.  I put in a ton of effort and saw zero results.  Turns out my thyroid was out of whack.  We fixed it through natural medicine, I do not have to be on thyroid pills for the rest of my life, and I now exercise all the time and eat paleo to keep everything in check.  If you have issues with weightloss and think that it might be something physically wrong with you (laziness doesn't count), then you might want to consult a nutritionist of your choosing.  Once I got my thyroid straightened out (it took 3 months), I went from a size 16 to a size 8 in a few months, eventually down to a size 4 - where I was quite comfortable.

10. Portion Control
A lot of people have trouble eating too much food.  They have heaping portions and huge plates.  With my thyroid issues, I almost have the opposite problem to this.  If you have large dinner plates, switch it up to the smaller salad plate.  That's one very simple way to control your portions.  Keep in mind that your stomach is only about the size of your fist, though it is meant to stretch to accommodate food, and you don't want to over-fill your stomach.  One way to become more aware of your portions and intake is by keeping a food journal.  It can be a physical journal or even a phone app.


  1. Thanks for including Coconut Bliss in your list! So glad you enjoy!

    1. I'd probably lose my mind if I didn't have Coconut Bliss! Growing up we always had ice cream (thanks to my dad) and it's just one of those go-to desserts for myself. Coconut Bliss tastes wonderful and it totally fits my paleo lifestyle.


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