Wednesday, May 18, 2016

My 5 Favorite Patterns

It's Wednesday and time for another edition of Sew-Time Wednesday!

Today I want to share my favorite patterns with you.  These are patterns that I have used multiple times and have ended up providing wardrobe staples.

Butterick 5895
I have three shirts in the pattern and I'm about to make a new one in a coral cotton with gold pineapples on it.  These are great for summer and pair well with high-waisted pants or skirts.   It's pretty easy to make too.  I also have two pairs of the pants - one in black and the other in silvery grey. 

Simplicity 1692
I have two styles posted here.  The scoopneck in cherry print and white/cream, and the short-sleeved scrunch-neck in blue birds and black/lime bats.  These take about 30 minutes to sew once you have them cut out.  Easy patterns.  Quite comfortable.

Simplicity 3847
Circle skirts are always a staple.  The black cherry skirt is very lightweight - I have to watch out for windy days.  The blue swallows is actually made from a high-quality wool and it great for fall/winter.  If you have never made a circle skirt, let me tell's one of the easiest patterns you can sew.

Simplicity 3673
I actually have a black linen dress in style C (the blue one on the pattern), but I don't wear it often.  I did make myself a high-waisted pencil skirt from the same pattern.  Purple Skirt is my all-time favorite skirt to wear.  I used a stretchy suiting material, so even on those "I feel fat" days it's comfortable.

Folkwear #240
I have two of my pairs of pants shown here.  Blue twill and black....something, probably a polyester fabric.  I also have a black linen pair and a pair of denim coveralls.  These are SUPER comfortable, high-waisted, and great if you live in a colder climate.

I know these don't look all that superb on the hanger or on the bed, but I always feel like I look fabulous when I wear them.

Do you have any favorite sewing patterns?  What are they?

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