Saturday, May 21, 2016

Pin-Up Pageant & Cruis'n with Santa Car Show!!!

The girls and I put in a bunch of time and effort to put together the Pin-Up Pageant!  I think we did a fantastic job for our first pageant!   The pageant was held at the Cruis'n with Santa Car Show, a fundraiser that the North Pole Lions Club puts on every year.  This is the 10th year and we're kind like the special new event!  How cool is that?!  Thank you NP Lions Club for letting us do this at your event!!!

When we started putting things together we started to find new people in the community who love the rockabilly look/lifestyle, but never knew anyone else in town did it.  We're bringing people together!!!  Our little Alaskan group needs to have a BBQ or something!  It would be so great to meet everyone!

I'll spill the beans about what the Grand Prize was: Hair & Make-up at Mad Vintage (hair salon), Make-up with Shimmer N' Shade (make-up artist), $10 gift certificate from Blue Door Antiques, a hair flower from NiccocoCreations, a martini mermaid cosmetic bag from Fluff, a one-week pass to the Alaska Club (gym), a photoshoot with Little Bear Photography, a hand-painted retro-inspired fishing lure from me, cat-eye sunglasses, a pin-up decal, and...gosh....what else?   I think there was something else, but I totally forgot!

All the girls walked away with a goody bag.  Second and third place winners walked away with a little extra. ;)  We kicked some butt with the prizes, right?!  We think so!

At the last minute, I was asked to emcee the pageant.  I've never backed away from public speaking (speaking over the phone gives me a bit of anxiety - go figure) and plan on doing my best.

If any local girls are reading this, we will be meeting at Kodiak Jack's tonight at 9pm for downtime and drinks!  Come join us!

Here are some pictures from the event.  Enjoy!

Winner: Cherry Darling!


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