Monday, May 16, 2016


I don't generally talk politics on here, but on facebook I posted a political challenge that absolutely no one has taken on.

I think the reason why most people won't take this on is because they only know where they stand on a few topics, probably more social topics (abortion, gay rights, etc) rather than the big political topics (economy, healthcare, taxes, etc).

I'm posting my stances below.  If you decide to post your own, let me know.  I'd love to read it and I'll be one of those people who won't bash you for your own views.  Feel free to tell me what you think of my views.


Social Security - People should have the option to invest through a private organization or not at all. I feel that the K-12 school system should include some sort of general education about planning for the future that includes information about future financial security.
Economy/Jobs - I am Pro-Union and Pro-Small Business. I feel that unions provide a certain standard that is essential to producing quality good and services. This country was founded on small businesses and yes, some have grown quite large. What I dislike are businesses that do not support American-produced goods. American-produced goods are important for supporting the American economy. I believe a key element in restoring the economy is to increase the number of factories in the USA. Buy American!
I would also like to see a high-speed monorail system that crosses the country, as well as extending up to Alaska.
The welfare system needs to be limited to a total of 5 years per citizen, unless granted an extension by a welfare agent. An extension could be permitted for those mentally or physically incapable of working or those with severe medical conditions that need assistance. The 5 year plan would provide a single parent with 5 years time to raise their baby to an infant to a kid able to enter the school system. The 5 year plan is not extended if the parent has a second kid. A person can be on welfare for a short period of time, say 2 years, and still have 3 years of welfare available IF they need it. The 5 year plan would also provide a high number of jobs for Welfare Agents who assess those on welfare.
What needs to happen is deflation to lower the cost of goods and services while increasing the real value of the dollar.
Security/Defense - I believe in a strong military and defense, but I would reduce our troops (in the middle east) and foreign aid. I think the USA spends too much with foreign aid and the money could be better spent revitalizing our own country.
Tax Reform - I think there should be a straight percentage people pay for taxes regardless of income. For example: 5% straight across the board. A person making $20,000 a year would pay $1000, while a person who makes $1.5 million a year is going to pay $75,000. If you are single and earn less than $25,000, or married and jointly earn less than $50,000, you will not owe any income tax.
I would also implement a non-food import tax of 17% in order to increase the purchasing of American goods, instead of the average 5-7% that it's currently at. I am all for a sugar tax, akin to what George Osborne in the UK has proposed. 
Immigration - Legal immigration is great. All for stopping illegal immigration...because it’s illegal. I also feel that a child born on US soil to parents of illegal immigrants will have two options: 1) the child can become a US citizen, but the parents must legally immigrate, OR 2) the child can be taken with the parents back to their country of origin.
Faith - There is supposed to be a clear separation between church and state. In America we have the right to believe and belong to whatever faith we so choose, OR even to have no faith. I think there are bigger fish to fry. Respect the 1st Amendment. Think of me as one of the folks without faith or “faith neutral”. Religion is interesting, but I don’t subscribe to any religious construct.
Education - Many reforms need to happen regarding education. Get rid of the No Child Left Behind Act. I also believe that college core classes should be integrated into the junior and senior year of high school, those passing with 90% or better should not be required to take those particular classes at the college level. I believe in pushing students to their full potential from an early age. If we want to remain #1, we have to be smart. I am all for changing the public school K-12 system from semesters to trimesters (3 months in school, 1 month off). The school system should work with local skilled professions, as well as local colleges, for preparing students for real life. This is commonly done with ROTC or through some university programs, but there needs to be more influence from other professions such as civil programs (parks & rec, forestry, fish & game), unions, and other skilled professions.
Abortion - I am Pro-Abortion. There are too many circumstances where it is necessary. I would have the cut-off be to the end of the second trimester. After that, it’s far too late for an abortion and the person should have planned ahead - unless there is an immediate medical reason. I don’t feel Planned Parenthood is at fault for anything related to abortions. Planned Parenthood is a safe institution for people to get pap smears, birth control, breast exams, men’s sexual health concerns, testing for STDs, abortions, and more. They provided the service of abortions, but they are not ONLY providing service of abortions.
Energy - I am all for alternative energy options. We can always fall back on oil if we need to, but if we had the ability to step away from oil as our main energy source we wouldn’t be at the mercy of other countries for oil prices. We would be able to make progress by leaps and bounds without the constrain of an oil-based economy.
Healthcare - End Obamacare. Healthcare and medicine needs to be more affordable. I think that the American FDA needs to be more accepting in medications and practices that have been approved in Europe, while having higher regulations on food-additives such as high fructose corn syrup, food dyes, MSG, etc. Vaccinations need to be mandatory. While I despise marijuana, I have no qualm regarding legalization of it as long as it is treated in the same way alcohol and tobacco with age limitations, regulations, etc.
Foreign Policy - I think foreign aid should be reduced. ISIS needs to be stopped, but I think we need to send in a special ops/intelligence agency to deal with it. 
Domestic Policy - I think Congressional terms should be limited to 2 consecutive terms. I think a cities in America should be required to have CCTV set up within city limits, at the least. I do not agree with any type of “chipping” law-abiding citizens. I am very much FOR harsher justice such as: chipping repeat criminals, killing those sentenced to death by firing squad immediately or within a short span of time, and using prison workers as laborers or factory workers. I also feel that a better rehabilitation system needs to be set in place for prisons to help prevent repeat offenders. I don’t believe that mandatory military service should be required. I do think that mandatory American Service should be required for 1 year. This would include National Park Service, Military Service, Law Enforcement, Peace Corp, and AmeriCorps. The USA could even revitalize the WPA (Works Progress Administration). Veterans Affairs need to be overhauled so veterans can receive the care they need in an expedient manner.
Environment - Maintaining land and animals under federal jurisdiction is fine. I love our national parks. We need to be more environmentally concerned. Boost up national recycling. Create a new landfill crew that removes recyclable material from landfills. I am not a fan of GMOs and would push for mandatory GMO labeling.
Guns - We have the right to bear arms in this country. I don’t believe that major gun control is going to put a stop to anything. I do believe that anyone who purchases a gun should have a background check ran, but it’s not going to stop criminals from getting guns on the black market.
Gay Rights - I don’t believe sexual preference should effect what you can and can’t do. A gay couple should have the right to marry and adopt, just as a straight couple can. Discrimination will only hinder progress and forward thinking.  When it comes to gay rights or racial rights or whatever, all I think is "Why is everyone focused on the bullshit?  We just need to accept people for being people and move on.  It doesn't matter what color they are or what their sexual preferences are or anything."
Science- I fully endorse space exploration and funding. I think the future of the USA is going to lie in the field of science.
American Ideals - I would really want to push for American Ideals. I think people have forgotten the American Dream. This would be a propaganda campaign designed to elicit patriotism, the American Dream, and American Ideals.

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