Monday, May 16, 2016

Product Review: Leopard Print Lotus Leggings

I recently started at a boxing gym - which you know if you read my blog all the time.  When I run, I prefer longer tights with more of a bootcut bottom.  When I do anything like crossfit or combative (like boxing) I prefer very close-fitting tights, usually capri length.   I saw these beauties and decided to order a pair.  They usually run for $29.99, but were on sale for $25.99.   Lotus Leggings

When you visit the Lotus Legging website, be aware that not all of the leggings are designed for athletic use.  You have to click on "Athletic+" for the athletic grade leggings.  Does it matter?  Aren't leggings just leggings?  The cut is actually a little different.  You can visibly see that the regular leggings are two pieces of fabric, sew up the leg and just at the crotch.  The athletic leggings have more seams, which is going to make them a little more durable.

Picture of the tights from the website

They came in.
A label from China?  Alright, I'm a little nervous now.  Is Lotus Leggings legit?  Is this going to be some weird Asian size?  I pulled them out of the bag and am a little disappointed.  They look too small and I ordered a medium.  I generally fit a S/M with workout tights.  I'll have to try them on to really know.    Also, no tag or label.  Whaaaat?   That's a little unusual.  The fabric is also a little on the thin side.  Will my underwear show through?  No one wants to see my jockeys.

Here are the photos.

This is me in a pair of size small black workout tights from Old Navy

VERY DISAPPOINTED!  I really wanted a pair of leopard print workout pants!


  1. No matter how tempted you are to try the Lotus Leggings products - DON'T DO IT!!! 40 days later and I still cannot get any reply to customer service. This is a HUGE Rip Off. Save your money -

  2. Really amazing blog, I’d love to discover some extra information Deadpool leggings.

  3. I bought 7 leggins in lotusleggins, three of them for me and the rest for my daughters. The order took more than one month, and when thay finally arrived, there were only six instead of the seven items I ordered.
    I was very disapointed also when I opened them and discovered that they were made really bad, with poorly made seams, and that there was a lotus logo, of about 5cm x 3cm at the front of every leggin!! Something that didn´t appear in the photos or advised anywhere when I bought them! (They have allready included that on the description, but when I bought them, It wasn´t yet).
    I contacted the Customer Care, and they told me that I was responsible for shipping costs, and that had to pay a trestocking fee of $5.00 per item, even if the fact was that they had lied to me! And the product was defective.
    And that they only could send me the missing item, even when I told them to give me back my money, because I didn´t want something that was wrong.

    So, all I can say is that you shouldn´t buy anything here. The products seem lovely, but the truth is that they are not, they are of bad quality and they have a horrible customer care.


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