Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Product Review: ModCloth Pants & Shoes

Hey lovely people!  I just got in an order from ModCloth!  Pants and shoes!

 The pants are the Every Opportunity pants.  I got them for $59.99.  I always get worried about ordering pants, but these are quite lovely.  They're lightweight and they have an elastic waistband - which is awesome.  They're super comfortable.  The only problem - for me - is that they were super long (maybe just what you're looking for!).  I hemmed them up by 3".  These are great for a 1940s look!

The shoes are Kick Fix wedges.  These are currently at 60% off  - $15.99.  Definitely get a pair.  These are very comfortable!  Yes, you are raised up because there's a platform, but the actual heel rise is not that much.  These are going to make a great everyday shoe.

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