Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Sew-Time Wednesday: Vintage Blouse!

I was at one of the local antique stores this past week and found a very cute blouse.  It buttons up the back and is actually one size too small for me.

If you find an old pattern that is one size too small, you can always add a little extra (1/4") around the perimeter to enlarge the pattern one size up.

After getting the pattern, I went over to JoAnn Fabric to find something suitable for this blouse.  I found a cotton with a grey loose grid and dot/circle print.  It's fairly MCM and neutral, perfect for work and matching with various trousers and skirts.

When I got home and pulled out the pattern, I found that all the pieces were there, except for the collar.  When this type of thing happens I draw my own pattern piece.  This is more of an advanced sewing skill.  In order to draw the collar, I had to first see what shape the collar was supposed to be.  This was found on the instruction sheets that were in with the pattern.

I took a piece of plain paper and roughed out the general shape of the collar.  I made it 2-1/2" deep at the back and went from there.  It was by no means done.  I pulled out my tape measure and measured the neck of the front and back.  My collar will have to attach here, so it needs to fit.  According to the picture of the pattern piece, it's supposed to curve slightly.  I drew it in and made note to cut it out with a hem margin.  Here is how my collar pattern turned out.

I think I did pretty good
Here is the finished garment.  It's a little fitted near the waist, but roomy around the bust.  That's one thing I love about these vintage patterns.  They fit like a dream!  Maybe it's my body shape.  I don't know.  Whatever it is, they fit me and I love them!  On this particular pattern, I would make the neck hole a 1/2" bigger, but it still fits just fine.


Here it is on me.  I'm thinking that maybe I need one more button.  I'll have to see how it works out today.

Do you have a vintage pattern that you need help with?  I'm always willing to help out if I can!  Just email me or leave me a comment or something.

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