Thursday, May 19, 2016

Types of Rockabilly Men

I was looking around for an article on rockabilly men and I couldn't really find anything.  Isn't that strange?  I think it would be swell to see more articles on the men in our subculture.

I have decided to talk about Types of Rockabilly Men (I'll include those vintage lifers in here too) and their general look. 


I have found that there are two types of Greasers: the car kulture guys and the guys who do it for ease.  In general, the standard style is cuffed jeans, t-shirt (typically white or black), bowling or work shirt, and either converse all-stars or leather work boots.  The car kulture guys sometimes belong to a car club and will have a jacket or vest with the logo.  I want to point out that the car kulture guys actually work on their own car or restoring cars as a job - it's not just a fun term.

Vintage Lifers
These men have everyday clothes (vintage or reproduction) of the 1940s and 1950s.  They also probably live in a house/apartment/abode that looks like a time capsule once you step inside; if not, they probably are in the process of getting there.  You're going to find these guys owning a pretty wide variety of clothing, not shying away from a pink shirt, comfortable wearing a suit and fedora, etc.  If these guys wear jeans, it's probably not going to be to work unless their job demands something a bit more heavy duty.

Teddy Boys
Teddy boys is kind of 1950s-does-Edwardian (hence "Teddy").  They tend to wear frock coats and vest, slim pants or pegged pants or high-waisted drainpipe trousers, "slim jim" ties or western "maverick" ties, sunglasses, creepers (shoes) or leather dress shoes, and their hair is usually in a fancier men's style like a jelly roll or a DA.

Reverend Horton Heat in western style

The western guys have an old-school 1950s western vibe.  They often wear western shirts, sometimes with Mexican themes.  They tend to wear western-style box jackets.  Often, they have native american, wild west, and Mexican themes to their clothing and accessories.  Western boots, wool barn coats, and cowboy hats are pretty common too.

This is punk-meets-rockabilly.  These guys essentially wear what various types of rockabilly guys wear, but it might be in day-glo colors or covered in studs/spikes.  They tend to be more open to modern types of fabric - such as vinyl pants or spandex or just stuff with modern prints instead of 1940s/1950s prints.  They tend to push the style to extremes with hair dye, super high pompadours, etc.

Captain America film

These guys stick to the 1940s, often with WWII flair.  These guys sometimes also re-enact WWII stuff.  You'll find that a lot of the flyboys won't wear zoot suits due to the history behind them.  The 1940s style of trousers went from a wider leg to a narrower leg.  You'll find them wearing fedoras, either trench coats or Ike coats (WWII short coats), saddle shoes or wingtips or loafers, wide ties, suspenders, etc.

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