Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Adventure Time!

I'm almost off for a long weekend road trip around the eastern part of Alaska! (Trip: Thursday - Sunday)

The trip is actually for a big story that I'm writing about the eastern part of the state and is for the APN Quarterly,  a paranormal-weird science/history-true crime newspaper that I edit and publish.   HERE IS THE LINK.

There are a lot of strange things that go on in this low-populated area: UFOs, bigfoot, strange military stuff, HAARP, and even rumors of a sphinx (like an Egyptian sphinx).  I'll also be after native legends and stories from hunters/fisherman.

If you happen to live in Alaska, I'm the person with "Paranormal Investigator" on the side of my vehicle.  I'll be making a stop in Delta Junction, Gakona, Slana, Devil's Mountain Lodge/Nabesna, and Tok this weekend.  If you want to meet me, or share something with me, contact me ASAP!  Leave a comment or send me an email.

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