Friday, June 17, 2016

Friday Finds

I have found more interesting stuff.  There are lots of summer weddings and summer parties going on, so perhaps this will help you find that special something.  Also, I personally look for Christmas presents all-year round.  Some of these would make excellent gifts!

Rockabilly Lotion by Debaucherous Bath, $12.00 (5.5oz)

The description from DB is: "Overripe, juicy blackberries, sugary sweet cola, topped with a vanilla foam."  That sounds delicious!   I looked through the company's website and found that there are some pin-up labeled whipped soap, perfume, bubbling scrub, lotion, hair care products, and a small line of men's products.
Meister 180" Hand Wraps, $4.49
As you know, from previous posts, I've started boxing.  Locally I've only been able to find 108" hand wraps, so I ventured online to find some 180" hand wraps.  These help stabilize your wrists and protect your hands while boxing.  I was lucky enough to come across Meister brand handwraps in leopard, zebra, skulls, camo (yuck), USA, and a variety of solid colors!  This is an easy way to add a little rockabilly flair to your workout - if you do anything that requires hand wraps.

Billie style 1950s Shoes by Rocket Originals, $119.85
I know that some folks don't care much for flats, but these shoes look durable and would pair well with a variety of trousers.  I would totally wear these as a work shoe, while doing daily chores or running to the grocery store.  I just have to save up a little money - always the case.

1940's Pre-Shrunk Denim by Freddie's of Pinewood, £95.00
Of course I don't like to leave the guys hanging, so here are some 1940s style jeans.  Freddie's also offers a 1950s style which is not as relaxed as these. 

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