Monday, June 27, 2016

Rosie Denim Trousers

This was supposed to be for last week's Sew-Time Wednesday.  I ended up rushing my dog to the vet because he started having seizures (?!) and then I was on a roadtrip around eastern Alaska.  I wanted to share my latest, super quick sewing project: Rosie the Riveter Denim Trousers (Folkwear #240 - pattern).

All the things that come in this pattern package.

Let me state my bias by saying that this is one of my favorite patterns.  I got these pants cut out and sewn during an hour and a half movie.  I had to take my time since I was using a heavier fabric.  I used a medium-weight cotton/poly/2 % spandex blend blue denim this time around.    The trousers pattern only consists of 5 pattern pieces.  Front, Back, pocket front, pocket back, and waistband.  I would suggest this for any level of sewing expertise.  It's basic, but you will need to know how to install a zipper and it helps if you have, at least, a bit of knowledge of your sewing machine.

Today, I did not do my hair or make-up or anything like that.  I spent the morning having coffee with my mom, so I just didn't get things done.  I want to show you how my trousers came out.  I like the fact that these have a tiny bit of stretch to them - enough to make them comfortable.  I also love how these fit.

I can easily squat down in these pants!  For me that's a big deal.  They don't gap at the back, I don't have to adjust them...I just squat.  Also, it's nice to have big pockets in the front that can hold my cellphone without issue.

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