Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Sew Time Wednesday! Projects Galore and 3 Patterns To Watch Out For!

Welcome back to Sew-Time Wednesday!  I have a ton of projects going on and I wanted to put out the word on 3 patterns that I would watch out for.  Let's cover those patterns first, since that's the easy part.

I made the skirt from this pattern and it run narrow in the hips.  I don't wear it much because it ends up bunching up all weird.  If you have narrow hips, then it will be totally fine.  It has a cute scallop at the belly button, which you can kind of see on the woman wearing the pants (same on the skirt).  NARROW HIPS.

This pattern is going to require you to double check your measurements.  I did not do this and went with my usual size.  It's one size too small which totally sucks because I used a blue and pink flamingo fabric.  Check your measurements before cutting and don't worry if you have to go up one size - especially where the bust is concerned.

I made these trousers in my usual size and WOW - check your sizing ladies!  I thought "Hey, it would be nice to have front closing trousers for my '40s stuff.  I can pull them on, but I cannot zip them up.  You might have to go one size up for these.


Projects Galore!

Okay, so I have all kinds of stuff going on.  I've posted before about my new Etsy venture in retro men's wear.  I have more shirts in the works.  I even have a vintage 1950s pattern for a cabana set.  Yes...I will be making men's retro swimwear.  I am curious about sizes.  Right now I'm just making Mediums (38-40" chest).

I am a big Labyrinth geek.  Yes, the 1986 David Bowie film 'Labyrinth'.  I actually have it on as I write this blog post.  Anyway, in Seattle on July 9th at the Experience Music Project, there is a Labyrinth Ball.  I have my tickets.  Now, I just need to make some sort of fucking sweet ass costume for the ball.  I have a rough design that is going to have slight Greek elements, warrior elements (some armor pieces), owl influences, and goblin ornamentation.  I know, it sounds a bit complicated, but I hope it turns out awesome.  I don't want anyone to take my ideas (because my brain tells me that everyone is going to swipe my ideas).

Here is the link to the event:  EMP Labyrinth Ball  Tickets are only $25

If you are in Seattle and plan on going, let me know.  I would love to meet my fellow vintage folk at a Labyrinth Ball!!!

This was my immediate reaction after I booked a plane ticket and EMP ticket.

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  1. They are gorgeous! Have you tried sewing them? If you do please let us know how they looked, I might try, but scared to waste the material lol, and I want to try it on my new sewing machine. Sewing Experts


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