Monday, June 20, 2016

Use Your Words

I'm going to bitch about words, grammar, and sentence structure today.  Poor grammar is one thing that really bothers me to no end. These are a few things that I have heard in the last few days or have just stayed with me that bother me.

I'm sure you have your own pet peeves.  Do you have grammar-related pet peeves?

1. Don't call me "Honey".  I really hate it when a salesperson or a supplier (for the company I work for) calls me "Honey" or "Sweetheart" or whatever little nickname they can pick out.  It's usually said in some patronizing way.

2. "Boughten" is not a word.  Our bookkeeper is always using the word "boughten".  I boughten [something ridiculous] the other day.

3. We's have to take the garbage to the dumps.  UGH. Really?!  How did you pass 2nd grade?  The only plural in the sentence was the word "we".  This was also said by the bookkeeper.  I asked her how many dumps she was planning on going to and she looked at me as if I was stupid.  She had one bag of garbage and was only going to one dump site.

4. Bicept, the new muscle.  When the bookkeeper used this new word, she really emphasized that ending "T" while pointing to her upper arm.  Apparently her bicep has the additional letter of "t". This was worthy of a good head shake.  Almost, Bookkeeper.  Almost.

5. Squoze.  Thanks Mom!  This one I had to search for through texts since I immediately texted my sister about this new word.  Apparently it means "to have squeezed".  Isn't "squeezed" the proper word?  You would think so.

We all know what happens if you don't use your words properly, right?

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