Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Sorry I haven't posted much lately.  I've been on the go.  I went to Seattle for a few days and met Toby Froud.  That was super cool.  Also, spent some time with my aunt.   I've been working on some writing projects, of course. 

Boxing is a 5-days a week, hard as hell event right now.  In order to get ready for the tournament in late August, I am sparring every day.  That might sound like "fun" and "so awesome", but it's really REALLY hard work.  I'm actually disappointed in myself.  I want to do better.  Maybe it's a self-confidence thing...I don't know.  I need to push past whatever mental block I have and just get to it.  ARGH!  I feel like such a wimp sometimes.

Over the last few weeks, I've been asked to do some paranormal investigation and research training.  Talked to my friend and partner, she talked me into committing to it.  We've decided to train 3 people since only 3 are interested.  We will see how it goes.  We are planning on doing our first public parapsychology experiment.  In case you're wondering, I've been doing investigations and research since 1999 - big emphasis on research.  I am also the current MUFON State Director for Alaska.  In my spare time, I've been putting together a scientific paper - part of it - for this experiment.  We're going to be at the Go Winter! Expo this October 8th & 9th, Carlson Center, Fairbanks, AK.  We need participants.

To top it off, I haven't been getting the best sleep.  I'm up at 4am, I leave for the gym by 4:15am, I'm back home by 5am-ish, I go to work between 7am/7:30am, go to boxing from 5pm-7pm, in bed by 9pm-ish, write or read until about 10pm-ish, and then it's a night of tossing and turning.  I can get to sleep, but I can't seem to stay asleep for very long.  By the time 4am rolls around, I'm ready to get up.

How has everyone been?  Someone talk to me.  I'm just watching X-Files on netflix.

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  1. I'm sure that you're doing awesome on the boxing front. Sometimes, when I feel like that in different areas of life, I find that setting small goals and achieving them on a consistent basis helps to lift that cloud of self doubt, as it shows you just how much you really are achieving.

    Cheering you on across the board!

    xoxo ♥ Jessica


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