Friday, July 1, 2016

Weird Dream

I have weird dreams often, but I normally don't share them on my blog.  I figured that I would share this one just because it features a celebrity.

In my dream, I was in California to meet with a producer who wanted to turn one of my books (some novel I have yet to write) into a film.  While there, I met James Franco.  (NOTE: I like James Franco as an actor and artist, but he's not really my type - I'm not really attracted to him.)

I tell James that I once had a dream that he wanted to paint my portrait.  He asked me for some details and so I started telling him about this other dream that I had (is that a little weird or what?).

In my dream, we met somehow and you wanted to paint me.  You weren't happy with just having me sit there, so you asked if I would pose in classical art poses nude.  I'm not against anything like that, being a person with an art degree, so I cheerfully said yes.  I posed standing up, sitting down, twisting my upper torso, with a stick, etc.  Still not good enough.  James told me that he needed to understand the flow of my body and to do that he wanted to see me with water.  The only water really available was in the bathroom via the shower.  So there I was in the shower, water dripping all over my face awkwardly, while trying to pose for James.  It was not sexual; in fact, we played a word game.  You play alphabetically with someone, you try to come up with interesting words over 4 letters long, and if you can't think of one or use a word that is short, you take a hit.  Three hits and you lose.  For instance, I might say "Acrobat, acoustic, ambivalent" and the next person would have to use the letter B.  By letter M, James said that he was pretty sure he had a good idea for his painting.  In the end he painted me sitting.

James nodded and asked what the painting had looked like.  I mentioned that there was a lot of yellow and that it looked like Van Gogh doing Picasso-style cubism.  Then, being the jerk that I am, I mentioned that it was really weird having a dream about him (James Franco) because I wasn't attracted to him.  That put him on the defensive a little bit, but I think he was kind of okay with it.

Anyway, we ended up going for some food at some burger place that also had hot dogs.  He ordered a foot-long hot dog, held it up, licked the end of it suggestively, and asked "What does that remind you of?" before eating it as if he hadn't said anything at all.  I told him that I was just happy to meet another octopus, a multi-talented person, like myself.

And I woke up.

I don't normally have dreams with celebrities in them.  I just thought this one was a little strange and blog worthy.

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