Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Alaskana Kitsch

Since I'm in Alaska, I thought I'd post some Alaskana Kitsch that you can freely purchase on the interwebs.

Lindy Bop Adalene Alaska Swing Skirt  $34.00
Northern lights, glacier-filled mountains, cold water, and nature (though why an elk?).  We don't have elk up here, we have moose and caribou which are vastly different.  Whatever.  It's kind of nice to be represented.  You can also find it as a DRESS.

ZillaMonkey Native Stacking Totem Mugs  $68.50
These are totally awesome!  They each hold 6oz.  Could be an interesting piece for anyone who like a little MCM primitive art.  These used to be a popular tourist item.  See below for one I found in a local antique shop.

These are actual antique stackable totem mugs, circa late-50s/early-60s

RetroPlanet Totem Pole Tiki Mug  $54.99
Why is it so pricey?  I suppose if there were more like these on the market the price would be lower.  This would make a nice addition to any tiki bar.  I'd probably serve something Alaskan-themed in it like a polar bear martini.

AllPosters Alaska Travel Posters  $ varies
Why not add a little Alaskan decor to your home?