Sunday, February 26, 2017

Felt Off This Week

I felt like I was just a little off this week.  We had a storm blow in, my back and shoulders were really tight, so I didn't go to the gym on Thursday and Friday.  Today, instead of buying an exercise bike, as I have been considering, I bought a new bass guitar from that I've been eyeballing for about two years.

Choices were made.

I really don't want this reaction to happen.

I was thinking about what I can be doing to get myself back on-track.
  1. Tan at the gym.   I like tanning at the gym.  It makes me feel better.  I'm a slow tanner, but when I do get some color, it's a nice Mediterranean olive tone (thanks Greek genes!).
  2. Salad for lunch.  I've been doing this and it gets me out of the office for 15-20 minutes, depending on weather and traffic.
  3. Create a new gym playlist.  Nothing like a new music playlist on the ipod to get you motivated!
I would say "get some new workout clothes", but I just bought that bass guitar and I get that "after purchase, future purchase guilt" I shouldn't buy anything else for...I don't know....a month?

Readers: Any suggestions on tanning lotion that gives you a faster tan?  Suggestions for music for a gym playlist?

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